Thoughts on new Bradley 4 rack original smoker

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Halibut Chaser

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Nov 29, 2018
After using Big Chief smoker or 4 years, started looking at upgrading...MES and Bradley were the main contenders. As is always with product orums, I read the pros and cons of both and ended up going with Bradley Original 4 rack. (which is a 180 from what I thought going into it...Ha). Anyway, my initial misgivings were as follows:

Not able to get to cooking temp in cooler climate (40 degrees ambient temp +/-)
Not able to maintain temp in cooler climate
I do set it up on a side of the house where the impact of wind is negligible.
After 3 briskets and a bunch of salmon...the apprehensions went away. I do use a Thermpo dual temp monitor (a must in my opinion). Initially, I thought about the Auber PID, but decided to try it 1st without, and to be honest, the unit has been a very good performer without it. I might still go there as I do have to make some temp adjustments throughout the cook, but really is not a big deal as when I start up a smoking project, I just start doing chores on the property and come back periodically to check.

I do appreciate these type of product forums as you can get a well rounded education before shelling out cash. Bradley 1.jpeg Bradley 2.jpeg
Either a moving or welding blanket wrapped around will help a lot in cold climate. I made a 3 sided foil wrap cover and then cut holes for stack and mailbox tube in a moving blank that I wrap around also. Have smoked down to about 0° in ND. Is tough to get to 250° though. Long recovery time also, so don't smoke anything I need to check on or spritz.

I was looking at the Bradley but I have access to every kind of wood imaginable so I didn't want to be stuck buying their" pucks" which cost money!!! So I just bought a slightly used Smoken-Tex 1460 and I am happy! And I hope you are happy too! I almost and would have bought the Bradley but the price and location on Ebay for pick up wasn't worth it. Hope you have good luck with your new Bradley .
I have found that by heating a fire brick in the oven (max oven temp) prior to the smoke and then placing it next to the water dish also helps. Also, I do not attempt to finish the cook in the smoker when temps are so low. I simply smoke for about 4 hours and then finish in the oven with better temp control. Have cooked 500+ butts/shoulders (many done for charity) over the years with great results and comments.
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