bought some corned beef today...

Discussion in 'Beef' started by lisacsco, Jun 2, 2007.

  1. and I want to turn it into pastrami.... I did a search, I was hoping someone could put the directions in one post, from step one. I really want to do this right so I need you guys' help. [​IMG]

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    Sounds good Lisa, lotsa pastrami pro's here, and i'll be waiting to copy[​IMG]
  3. ..........I'm interested in this as well, Lisa. I hope you get some good data here..........Harold[​IMG]
  4. Lisa, run a search under beef for a thread called "corned beef to pastrami". There are a bunch of links posted by people to help make pastrami. It might help. Good Luck.
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    Lisa, half your work is already done since you bought a brisket that is already corned!!!!! from there it's just a rub and smoke session.....dejaydebi has a version and I use a different one, mine however is based on corning my own brisket or whatnot......if you want to follow what I do then this is the link, randy seems to know his stuff!!!

    if you want to do what debi does then go here:
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    Lisa -

    It's easy! Just trim some of the excess fat off, put a nice thick layer of spices on it wrap it in plastic wrap real tight and let it site a day or two or three then smoke it like you would a brisket for slicing.

    I love pastrami! 9 of of 10 of the briskets I buy become pastrami. I make New York Deli style (Italian pastrami) which is also called Kosher style in New York. NYC has some of the best pastrami in the world according to some of the fod crtiics and I agree!
  7. WOW ! ........I went to Wally and two other super mkts corned beef what's up with that ?? Are they outta season or what ??[​IMG]
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    Yep Harold it always seems to work that way for me too. I run up to Costco and no butts, 3 supermarkets, zilch.
    Hope you get better luck.

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