Boston Butt Leftovers: What to do with it!

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Jul 10, 2007
OK, I haven't made one yet. Butt, I'm planning on making one next weekend. Butt, our family is small. So, what recipes do you have for all that leftover pulled pork?

We have BBQ pork sandwiches.
We have BBQ pork Nasi (Dutch-Indonesian fried rice)

I heard of a dish that I think was referred to as "Southern Stew." I'm not sure, I cannot remember. It was made with leftover pulled pork , corn, BBQ and tomato sauce, onion (cannot remember the rest)

Pork pot pie, maybe? What do you guys do with it?
I think you are talking about "Brunswick" stew. I make chili with it. I make BBQ pizza using BBQ sauce and mexican blend cheese instead of Italian style tomato sauce and mozarella. Lots of possibilities.

Hope this helps.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


I just put it in a freezer bag and save it for a "rainy day". It's great for those nights when your kids have some sort of practice and event and you want a really good quick dinner. It would also make a good quesadilla.

With left over brisket, if you can stand to spare the burnt ends, use them in chili.
Ahhh! Brunswick Stew it is! Thanks!

I'll do a search for a recipe here. I'm sure somebody here has a great recipe for it.

Uhhh, Sin, you may have to go hunting before you can craft a true Brunswick Stew!

How 'bout a Shepherd's Pie?

And as for a pot pie, that's a winner in my book!

I like to add it to pinto beans. Pulled pork nachos are really good too. I fill up little lunch size zip lock baggies and freeze for work too.
We just used the last bit of our left overs for nachos. It was really good. How can you go wrong w/ meat, cheese, tort chips and margaritas.
@ srmonty

Hmmm, hunting, eh? I only do wild boar, dove, duck and mostly geese hunting here in SoCal. I cannot do much else. (It's California, dude. Too many 'tree humpers') I'm wondering what hunted meat goes in Brunswick Stew... hmmmm....

Thank for the tips, guys. Nachos with BBQ pork sounds delicious. I should have thought about burritos, or tamales. It escaped my mind.

Spanish rice with BBQ pork? Mmmmmm...
ive used leftover pulled pork for some amazing fajitas, being that shoulder meat is whats traditionally used anyway. saute some green peppers, onions, and roll em with flour tortillas and sour cream. its a nice way to get 2 dishes out of one product.
I have seen a brunswick stew recipe with leftover pulled pork, it was probably on here! Throw some in the freezer for the next time you make baked beans! Take some into work and heat up in the'll never have left overs once they start smelling the stuff...warning on this though, you will be asked all the time when the next batch is coming in!

If we have leftovers, they get frozen and usually go into my chili, or bagged for lunches.

Also very good in spaghetti sauce!
I ;like to brown some up in a skillet, it gets a nice crispness to it, and have it with eggs or would go good with pancakes, maybe chop some onion and pepper a little jack cheese, preheat the oven to about 350 beat maybe 5 eggs and with a bit of milk and S&P or your rub, pour in skillet and get cooking then put in the pork, some onion, peppers, mushrooms and top with s generous amount of pepper jack cheese and then into the oven to finish.

There is a name for that egg concoction but I don't remember it.

The pizza idea is great also, we do them on flour tortillas. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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