Bone In Standing Rib Roast, aka Prime Rib QVIEW

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Oct 26, 2010
Waxahachie, TX
Prime Rib was on sale today and since I have been wanting to smoke one lately but havent pulled the trigger, I thought this would be a good time.  I have never made one of these but feel that I can competently prepare one thanks to all of yall here on smf.  It also happens to be for a celebratory dinner, and rather than take the girlfriend out for an expensive dinner, I figured I would spend half as much for a prime rib that I'll be eating all weekend and hopefully will beat the restaurant meal anyways.  Some preliminary pictures:


The butcher was a sf giants fan, and brought up the series as he saw my rangers hat, but the meat looked so good that I forgave him for the error of his ways...


the bones were attached but there was a cut between the bone and the meat, I'm not sure why they do it but here is what i mean:


Thanks to Bearcarver for dry rub recipe and worcestershire tip.  Made one modification, and used Lawry's instead of kosher salt.




All rubbed and ready...back into the fridge for a couple hours since I am doing this today, plan to start the smoke very soon.  Will continue with more qview, any tips from you veterans of the smoke are more than welcome.  I am planning on having a drip pan underneath to make the au jus, and will probably pour in a cup of red wine or so as a starter.  For wood I will use some cherry and a bit of hickory.  Thanks for reading!  And thanks for sharing all your experiences - that's what allows someone like me who has never smoked prime rib to confidently undertake the challenge.  Stay tuned!
Rib is smoking away.  Here's a shot right as it went into the TEX:


Hoping that my red wine based au jus turns out to be yummy.  I am thinking that as soon as it hits 120 I will pull it, I like beef rare and i think 120 will be a nice middle ground for my girlfriend who prefers medium rare.  Any thoughts on the temp?
The roast you bought would be referred to in my area as "cut and tied".  The only reason I can think of for doing this is that the average consumer may be unable to properly carve the roast?  I prefer mine not be cut and tied, as I would rather treat the meat as I see fit.
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Venture, you're right - the rib was tied up with string to hold the rib bones up.  Hopefully it won't hinder the smoke.  I was back and forth on leaving the bones on or removing them and thought I'd just leave them, since everyone seems to agree that bone-in gives you better flavor.
update:  pulled from the smoker at about 123.  Got distracted and temp was rising fast, but it looks great and feels like its ready to pop with all the juices holed up inside.  I double wrapped in foil and am going to hold it in the cooled down smoker at 120 degrees until dinnertime, when I will post some more qview. for now, here are pictures of it right out of the smoker at about 123 degrees:




Looking real good Kevink !!!

I'm with RB--can't wait for the sliced Qview--MMMMMmmmmm..........

Dinnertime!!  Came out a beautiful rare just edging towards medium rare.  Delicious - i didnt use a knife, i just sliced me a big piece and pulled the big fat globs right off...was buttery tender.  Probably the best thing i have ever cooked, and my girlfriend even liked it!  (Can you tell which plate was which? hahahahaha)

Thanks to all you fine folks who have posted your prime rib experiences, they really helped me get a great result on this one.

without further ado:

ready for slicing


First Cut - Separated ribs


Sliced prime rib





Samantha's dinner plate - she didnt finish!



Kevin's dinner plate....admittedly he did not finish either!!

But the rib and the inch thick piece of prime rib made me wish i could have eaten more.

My sadness was short lived, though, because I remembered I'll just be eating prime rib for several days

Another plate view:


Well That's All!!! Thanks for reading!  Keep documenting your Q's so I can do things like this!

Wow Kevin that rib turned out amazing. I need to go clean up my keyboard from all the drool
Wish I could have that for a Thursday night dinner. That sho do look tasty FO SHO!!!!!! The only thing I'd change is asparagus for the green beans. (And I love green beans!)
That looks Perfect Kevink !  

You sir are a very fast learner, and a man who knows what good is !!!!!

Thanks for the great Qview,

Excellent that's about as good as it gets! Looks really juicy and tender I'm sitting here eating cheese with crackers thinking I'd much rather be having a slice of THAT.
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