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Dec 14, 2013
OFallon Mo.
Owens Red Barn Bologna seasoning . This has a great flavor , just what I was lookin for .
I made 12 pounds , finished 3 different ways . Used a mix of pork butt and 80/20 store bought ground chuck . 7 lbs. pork 5 lbs. beef .

Bought high barrier 80 mm casing ( black )so I could use my sous vide with no bags . Those casings are impressive . Stuff tight and hold size and shape . Stuffed , weighed right at 4 lbs each . Talking with daveomak daveomak we came up with a cook temp of 140 for 6 hours .

Did a 1 lb. chub start to finish in the smoker , no smoke . ( mahogany ) dried for an hour at 110 , the bumped to finish it of 152 .

Did 3 lbs . smoked for 3 hours , the finished SV 140 for 4 hours ( red 60 mm )

All stuffed . Going into fridge over night .

The taste and texture were spot on . I mixed the whole 12 lbs . together by hand . That was about all I wanted . Next time will be smaller batches .
It all came out close to the same .
Cross section of the finished SV only . 140 for 6 hours then ice bath for 4 hours .
20181027_071039.jpg 20181027_075100.jpg

Start to finish in the smoker . Pulled at 152 .
This is done , cooled down . You can see slight shrink / casing wrinkle .

So I bring a pot of water to a simmer and dip them for 20 seconds or so .
Tightens it back up and get rid of any surface grease .
Cross section . This was just a bit firmer than the SV only .

Hung to dry in smoker , then smoke added ( oak pellets ) for 3 hours , then bagged and sous vide for 4 hours at 140 .
Done and out of the ice bath . Some shrink ,,,
After the dip ,,,
Had a nice hint of smoke . It was all good , but the smoke adds to it for sure .
So , it all came out pretty much the same . Would like it emulsified a bit more , but the taste , texture and moisture is perfect . I like the water proof casing and the SV cook . No baby sitting or wondering when it's going to finish .
Thanks for lookin .

That looks outstanding!!!

Always wanted to try bologna but never have. Maybe I’ll jump into after reading this post!


I finished my venison summer sausage and goose sticks in the sv earlier this year. Took forever to finish them in the smoker. Couldn’t wait anymore. I did vacuseal them and it worked perfectly. Sv was a great way to finish them and they already had plenty of smoke from the smoker.

Scott thanks for the comment and the like . The high barrier water proof casings are pretty cool , but not smoke able .
Worked fantastic for sous vide only . Check out the Owens red barn seasoning if you decide to make some .
Yeah for sure on the seasoning! Thanks for the informative thread! It’s appreciated!

That's a bunch of Baloney! :confused::rolleyes:

Naw, that's a bunch of beautiful Baloney.

The only thing I've ever stuffed was my face.
But I do admire those who can craft up such things of beauty. ;)
I have been wanting to make a good Bologna and now I know what to do. I ma also just getting started with the Sous Vide Cooking and having great results. I have used an electric roaster to hot water bath my Salami but will switch to the Sous Vide method using a big stock pot. The Anova unit I have is good for up to 5.5 gallons of water so it will work. My one question is that you only take the SV ones up to 140 degrees and the smoker ones to 152. Would it hurt to SV the ones I smoke at 152 degrees?
I find the lower the temperature, the better the meat texture...
Check out Baldwins sous vide processes...

I usually add an hour or more to his time tables... Because the temps are low, the meat doesn't get overcooked or screwed up... Longer times only add to more bacteria and pathogens killed... Also, the food will stay longer in a fridge.. Check out his fridge times for storage vs. fridge temps... pretty awesome stuff.....
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Thanks Dave. I always appreciate your input and have looked at Baldwin`s charts. As long as the 140 degrees plus the four hours in the SV make it safe I will give it a try and see how it affects the texture. After this process I ice water bath the Salami and then hang them up for two weeks to dry out. The results is a really good hard Salami.
Will do !! I am impressed with the charts and I matched my casing size up to it. I haven`t killed anyone so far with my curing and smoking and I do not want to start now. That is the beauty of SV cooking that you can have such exact temperature control. It will be a lot easier to hot water bath my Salami and they will be in a Ziploc bag instead o being exposed to the hot water.
Looks great chop. Thanks for the detailed info. I think I will like my SV for sausages
Great job on the bologna... Nice tutorial... Folks will have a model to follow using this thread....
Thanks for the advice on the temp , and understanding the chart . I do my home work , but it's nice to have back up . It's all noted ,,, Thanks again .
Looks great I have some redbarn need to get it done but I will have to do mine the hard way I don't have a SV.

Thanks Warren . It's great in the smoker . Get it done , and post it up .
Wow you sure ran the Red Barn Bologna seasoning through the hoops of processes! For a perfectly finished product to ones preference it is hard to beat SV... glad you enjoy the flavor!
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