Boiled Peanuts...

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Sep 19, 2018
South Carolina a treat down south and it's the time of year when green peanuts are readily available and I got my hands on about 15 lbs. Into the sink for a triple rinse before cooking. These are what we call Virginia jumbos or white skinned peanuts. I prefer the red skinned Valencias, but they're harder to find around me as most farmers I know plant the jumbos...
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I have many different recipes for boiling them to include Cajun spicy with Zatarain's crab boil and cayenne pepper to raise the heat, a salt and vinegar taste with white vinegar, plain with just salt, but my favorite way, and the one that I get the most comments about, is with ham hocks and salt. Get a pot of water and a smoked ham hock boiling, add salt to taste...

After a few minutes, put the peanuts in, put the lid on, and return to a boil...
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Boil until desired tenderness, for me that's anywhere from 4 to 6 hours, turn off the heat, and let them sit in the pot until desired saltiness and juiciness are reached. Add water as needed while boiling. Peanuts will absorb most of their saltiness during this resting time so I taste the water to be sure the salt content is to my liking. The peanuts won't get any saltier than the water they're in. Drain in a colander and eat, but keep the ham hock, I like snacking on the meat part. Most of the time the ham hock cooks all to pieces as you can see some of the meat in this picture...

This is actually about half of what I cooked. I give some away, we eat some, and I freeze some in quart Ziploc bags. I reheat them in a microwave right out of the freezer and I believe that they taste just as good as when they come out of the pot.
Heck yeah bud that's something we love as well. Thanks for the recipe. Here's my favorite way to make them.......
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Thanks, Jake. I've done them almost the same as your recipe, but never thought about with the jalapenos, gonna give that a try next time.
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Man I LOVE boiled peanuts. I’m going to have to try to source some in Ohio from somewhere. I’ve had spicy ones quite a few times. The salt and vinegar and the ham hock both would be phenomenal!!
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Man I LOVE boiled peanuts. I’m going to have to try to source some in Ohio from somewhere. I’ve had spicy ones quite a few times. The salt and vinegar and the ham hock both would be phenomenal!!
Thank you, Jeff. For the salt and vinegar, I add vinegar until I can just taste it in the water. It's interesting when people try them for the 1st time and I don't tell them about the vinegar. It takes them a minute to figure out what they're tasting, but then the light bulb turns on and they always like them.
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its getting near peanut harvesting time so i thought i would tell folks how to freeze them so they can enjoy them year round
1st get the freshest peanuts you can , then wash them but DO NOT boil them , after washing them just put them in a zip lock freezer bag covering the peanuts with water then freeze
these peanuts will stay just like the day they were picked for over a year , i am still eating peanuts bought last Sept !!
i know a lot of people will boil them then freeze them but thats the WRONG way if you want them to taste fresh picked months later
Those look great GS. The wife and I were just down in Georgia and I didn't see any roadside sellers this year. Plenty of watermelon for sale but no peanuts.

Point for Chris
Sounds good. Must be some law that restricts Raw Peanuts to South of the Mason/Dixon Line.😆 I know Of Boiled Peanut but have never had them or saw Raw Nuts to make them. Must be available as Fresh Roasted Peanut can be had off Street Vendor Carts, in cities...JJ
the problem with "green" peanuts is the shelf life after picking
peanuts MUST be kept cool after they are picked and they mold very quickly after picking, so its imperative that they be picked , transported and frozen within a very short timespan if they are to be used for boiling , once they dry OR mold they are useless for boiling , last year i bought 100 lbs straight from the farm in Mississippi put them in the back of our SUV and drove straight back all the way to our home here in Colorado with the air conditioning blowing on them and without stopping took them out, washed and froze them before we even stopped to take a breath!!!! thats how sensitive they are !!! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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