Bluetooth thermometer

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Hanson Market

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Jun 2, 2021
Any recommendations on a Bluetooth thermometer that also measures air temperature. Thank you
when you say air temp are you referring to the air inside the smoker? dual probe system one probe for meat and one for cooker temp?
Everything I have from them is working great
My inkbird lasted about a year when the Bluetooth went out.
Another year and it took a crap completely .

An inkbird rep just pm'ed on this forum 2 days ago and said.
"We will try to build better products. "

Lol. Ok. Thanks for the vote of confidence.
Maybe you got a faulty one. I use all their products and have great luck
Does that mean I should spend more of my money to buy a different one? When they had a chance to remedy it and chose not to?
I won't lie the 50% off on that one they have advertised is temping. But even at 40 bucks it's to much for the frustration of me being halfway through a smoke and realizing my temp probe isn't working and I just wrecked my 90 dollar brisket.
I have a Meater Plus that I've enjoyed so far. It connects to my phone and I've got enough range to go across the street to my neighbors garage without any issues.

I received it as a gift so I won't comment on if it's worth the price.
ThermoPro is also a site sponsor. I've had nothing but good experiences with their products and customer service.
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I use the Inkbird. If I'm not using all 4 probes, I'll put on in my wood box on the front of the Lang. If all the probes are being used, I just rely on my weather app set to my location..
I use the Fireboard 2 Drive and while it is expensive, it is a solid unit. The app works great and you get 6 ports for probes. You can't go wrong with this.
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lol! I have the 4 probe and 6 probe as well. The 2 probe is stand alone. No app. And a pita to set up. Dead on once you get it going though.

So a six prober triples the fun? LOL
Seriously, once I wrapped my head around treating each quad on the IRF-4s screen as it's own thermometer, then that made programming it easier.
No app for the IRF-4s which wasn't a deal breaker for me.
I wanted the distance of RFas opposed to BT.
I have a Fireboard 2 Drive. If you use a fan you don't need a cable and you can monitor up to 6 probes at a time using wi-fi.
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