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Oct 18, 2017
Maplewood OH
Well we already had grilled cheese and tomato soup this week. But it just feels like a soup and sandwich kind of week. The wife threw together a new crock pot recipe she got from my mom last week. Cheesy potato soup made from frozen diced hash browns ,cream cheese ,shredded cheese,cream of chicken condensed soup ,chicken broth and bacon. I decided a nice big BLT would go along with that nicely.

When I got home Ivy had the soup going in the crock pot. I had to open the lid! It smelled awesome!

I got to work on making the sandwiches. Started with slicing a couple tomatoes and then salt and pepper and letting them sit while I get the bacon going. I always salt and pepper my tomatoes . it really bumps them up a notch.

Bacon in the cast iron!

Still had some French loaf left from the other nights sandwiches so I sliced it up. Put Dukes mayo on both sides.

Layer the tomato on one side

Then the bacon. 6 full slices on each sandwich...yes 6 lol!

Then into the cast iron with butter to toast them up

While they were getting toasty I got the soup into the bowls. This is where they became "loaded" topped with shredded cheese ,sour cream,green onion and crumbled bacon. Yum!

Once the sandwiches got nice and toasty I pilled on some chopped lettuce and put the tops on. Onto the plate and cut in half. Time to chow down!

Hands down the best BLT I've ever made! Man was that thing good! The soup was awesome too. They paired together great. We will definitely be making this meal again! Thanks for taking a look!
Man that all makes my mouth water!! Big fan of salt and pepper on the tomatoes and Dukes has surpassed Hellman’s on my mayo list.
Man that all makes my mouth water!! Big fan of salt and pepper on the tomatoes and Dukes has surpassed Hellman’s on my mayo list.
Thanks! I had baught a jar of hellmans a while back because they were out of dukes. I forgot how much different it was from dukes. Never again. Lol
WOW Sowsage, that BLT looks mighty fine!

And what a pairing with the soup....which looks good enough to stand on it's own as well.


Thanks! That soup was really good! It would be fine just by itself but for me I have to have a sandwich with soup. My wife on the other hand could just eat soup and be content .
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