Big Ole Poke Chops

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Dec 21, 2010
Was at the grocery store and noticed they had some really thick cut pork chops and I couldn't resist.  Went online to the forum to look for ideas.  Had about 4 hours before I was going to put them on so I brined them with sugar, salt, and water until then.  Seasoned them with Cooper's bbq seasoning since I was too lazy to make my own rub.  Threw them on the Smoke Vault at about 230 degrees for about an hour and a half to get them up to 145 degrees and then onto a hot grill to sear and to bring up to 150.  Is the searing just for looks? 

The ended up being the best pork chops I have ever eaten.  Very flavorful and very juicy, not dry at all.

Check these babies out



You can barely see the faint smoke ring but it was nice and deep.  Served it up with some sweet potatoes and a salad.

I whipped up a ketchup/mustard type bbq sauce with some apricot preserves in it but once I tasted the meat I tossed it.  It was too good by itself. 

Been fighting with the wife all weekend and so didn't bother getting anything for valentines but after the meal we made up.  Only problem is now I will be scrambling to come up with something for valentines.  Always have something on hand for that kind of stuff.
The chops look great - I am not going to comment on the other issue
Great looking chops!!! Better find something good for the thought you's were fighting before!!!!! Don't give her nothing for valentines day and see what happens!!LOL
Fantastic looking chops man, the look soooo good!  As far as the wife goes, see if you can find her a red rose bush, they usually don't cost too much and tell here she can have roses all season long!!!! May sound corny but it worked for me one time with my gf.  She still tends to that thing like a baby! 

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