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  1. After doing a lot of research I had decided to get a Kamado Joe Big Joe grill to go with my Akorn grill. The problem was no body had any. Practically the entire Country is sold out. The actual grill is made in China, after all they have been making ceramic grills for over a thousand years and Kamado Joe's shipping containers, with all their products, are being held up by the union actions on the west coast. I finally called Kamado Joe directly and through their fabulous customer service, the lady was able to do some searching and found that an Ace Hardware warehouse, in my area, had been sent a shipment of the last 6 Big Joe's that Kamado Joe had at the end of January. I have been watching the Ace web site waiting for the Big Joe's to show as available and yesterday I was able to snag one.

    It is being shipped to a local store for pickup and I should have it by the end of next week. I am really looking forward to playing with it. The Akron is a good grill but it has some drawbacks, compared to a true ceramic grill.
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    Can't wait to see the smoke a comming out. So you thinking on what will grace the grill first?
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  3. Congrats on your new Toy

  4. I think my first low and slow will be a Butt. It's hard to screw one up and I will be getting a handle on the new grill. 
    Thanks, I am very excited to get one. I was lucky enough to experience Kamado style cooking way back in the early 60's. My father brought a grill back from Japan, when no one in the states even knew what it was and taught me how to cook on it. We cooked many a meal on that grill and I inherited it when he passed. The grill was broken in one of my many moves and since I worked on the road all the time, I could not see spending the money for a BGE and never cooking on it. 

    When I retired I also didn't want to spend that much on a grill and I had forgotten how great they were to cook on. I saw the Akorn 3 years ago and jumped back into Kamado cooking. Now I finally talked myself into getting a Ceramic grill again, so my outdoor cooking has kind of come full circle.
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  5. I had some really bad news Sat. I picked up my new Big Joe from the Ace Hardware store. I got it home an started to unpack it and found the whole bottom area, below the hing, broken with huge cracks running about 1/3rd of the way around the bottom piece. There wasn't any visible damage to the exterior of the shipping box, so I don't know how it could have happened. I took it back to the store and they said they would contact KJ Monday and see what they say. Does anyone know if KJ will be open on Monday? I am extremely disappointed right now. Ace still has some in the warehouse and I could probably get one by Friday if they will just do and exchange. If they want to do the replace the bottom piece route I don't know when I will get my grill up and running.
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    Just explain your predictiment, you know most folks really do want to help you. They have the same type things happen to them.

    Bon Chance
  8. Bummer, Maybe you can get it replaced pretty quick, hope so

  9. Thought I would update this thread with the latest info. I saw Bobby Brennan posting on the KJ forum, not realizing that he is the owner and founder of KJ, so I sent him an email about my situation with a link to a thread I had going on the Kamado Guru forum. He called me this morning and said he would get it straightened out. This afternoon someone from the Ace store called and told me they were ordering me a new grill and it should be there Friday. This kind of customer service is one of the many reasons I wanted to get a Big Joe in the first place. Here is the President of the company taking the time to correct my problem.

    Unfortunately we are supposed to get 14 inches of snow tonight, so I don't know when I will actually be getting my grill home but at least I know it will be at the store waiting for me. I thought I would be taken care of when KJ got involved but I never expected the President of the company to be the one taking care of it. I talked with Bobby for a while and he is an extremely nice person, I am a KJ customer for life now.
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    If I were you I would probably dig all the way to the store and back if I had to.Many years of mountain living under my belt. But that said you guys are getting hammered. I am just glad the Red Sox are in florida getting ready.
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    I told you, most people want to help if they can understand your plight.

    We become desensitized by our daily ecounters where we always remember the lines, the indifference, the lack of pride, etc. Its doesn't mean that most people don't want to help, only that we mostly remember the ones that cause the problems.

    Sounds like you found that someone you needed.

    Glad its going your way. BTW there was a large article on the steelworkers and dockworkers in last week's paper here. Seems they picker the wrong time to strike, and they were targeting the oil companies...LOL Bad timing all around.
  12. Yes, they have actually struck the refineries but are just doing a slow down, so far, on the west coast shipping. That is still causing major disruption, as there is normally only one ship in the harbor. Time is money to these big container ships and they usually dock and depart, not wait around. The last time I checked there were 15 ships anchored in the harbor and it's driving the Coast Guard nuts because they don't have the space for them. Bobby said they have 11 containers waiting on one of those ships. I am just happy I will eventually be getting my Big Joe. We got lucky around here and only got about 6 inches of snow, not the 14 inches they were calling for. It's going to be bitter cold this week so nothing will melt and they are calling for more snow Wed. I don't know when I will be able to get over and pick up my grill but at least I know it will be there for me when I can.
  13. My new replacement Big Joe grill is in!! Now I just need to get rid of all the snow on my back deck and driveway, so I can set it up. The store is going to hold it for me until I am ready for it but at least I know I now have one. Very happy and can't wait to start cooking on the Big Joe.
  14. Congrats, I'll be watching

  15. Well I decided to have my Big Joe delivered, instead of trying to coordinate with my son-in-law to use him and his truck. It will be delivered this Saturday and I can't wait to start cooking on it.
  16. Know Your Excited,   we will be waiting for pictures

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    As heavy as those suckers are I wouldn't want to subject my back to that anyway. lol. Hahahaha.... You might be better off even though it's just a few extra more days of no smoked food.
  18. Well the &^(#$* snow got me again. We have about 9 inches covering everything this morning. I had to reschedule the delivery for next Saturday, I'm really getting fed up with this winter.
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    Anticipation.......... consider it like stretching before that long run, a warm up for all that patience you'll need while smoking.

    <Chuckles> My first thought was............

    One of man's greatest inventions! Ketchup squeeze tube vice the old butter knife up the bottle!!
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  20. Thanks, that really goes with my situation.  [​IMG]

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