Been Smokin for 20 years

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by awol1, Apr 28, 2012.

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    I really need to quit smoking.  Oh wait this isn't a tobacco forum.....

    I bought a MES40 at Sams Club about 5 years ago and have looked to this forum for advice for about that long.  THANKS TO ALL!  Especially Dutch, His beans have floated many a sheet over the bed.

    Electrician by trade, got distracted and ran a restaurant for 5 years (no smoke), and ended up in communications.

    I've had 2 MES 40's.  Never again.  The first one would have been a early model, had to follow the advice on here and drill the rivets out to replace the connector on the element.  Then the element gave out the next season.  Threw it in the scrap pile and bought the 2nd.  And again had to replace the connector after a year or two.  It's still alive but I'm going to smoke 30 LBS of shoulder next weekend and dont trust it. 

    After the first one I bought a large offset, but I never have the time to use it. So I picked up the master built dual fuel at Home Depot yesterday and I'm loving it.  3 hour season at 400, Cast pan on top of the chip tray per this forum, and got TBS at a solid 225 with only a couple minor adjustments at the beginning.  Whole Chicken (no brine, just salt and pepper) came out great.

    I didn't plan this yesterday (I brine birds), or today.  Woke up and decided I needed more smoke so ran to town and got a rack of baby backs.  Quick rub (normally overnight) and threw them in.  Sorry about the lack of QView. 

    BTW Ive been cold smoking turkey for 10 years.  Like my father and his father before him. 3 days on the cure, 24 hours of smoke (sawdust lit with a torch).  And I mean COLD We can't pull it off but in winter.  

    Anyway 321 I'm out.  Actually 2-2-1 and I'm on the 1.  Back to work.   
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    Good luck Awol1!!!
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    Hello AWOL and [​IMG]  to SMF 

    Please do us a favor and update your profile with your location 

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