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Beef Tri Tip And Gravy Lasagna

tx smoker

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#TeamGravy (whatever the heck that is)

This one came very close to not getting posted. The final result was not what I had envisioned from a presentation standpoint. Matter of fact, it was a disjointed mess and downright ugly but it sure did taste good!! The flavor made up for lack of presentation by a long shot. With all the gravy threads going around I felt this might conjure up some creative ideas from other people and see what directions they may go with it. This is in no way intended to be an Italian themed meal. The only reason I call it lasagna is because that's the type of noodles I used. From there it goes a totally different direction from traditional Italian lasagna. Don't know where Zach ( Misplaced Nebraskan Misplaced Nebraskan ) came up with the TeamGravy thing but it's shown up a few times recently so thought I'd toss it out there. Also got to reach out to Ryan ( B Brokenhandle ) on this one due to he and I having a long gravy dialog going on. All this nonsense aside, I cooked a tri tip on the rotisserie of the new Weber Performer Saturday and was wondering what to do with the leftovers. Standing in the pool Sunday afternoon with the ever present margarita, I got this really weird inspiration to do something totally off the wall...but that won't surprise some of you.

Start with about a pound of the tri tip cubed up pretty small

Made the gravy. Been through this process several times so won't ore you with a step-by-step

Add the tri tip into the gravy then stir it up

Cut up a nice Italian themed salad. We do love our salads around here!!

A little gravy on the bottom, noodles, and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese

Meat and gravy

Pecorino Romano and Mozz cheeses...lots of it

Continue for three layers, top with more Mozz, and a good dose of black pepper. This went on the grill and was covered with the pizza dome for even heating

Lasagna all done and inside. Time to get some garlic bread going. Ciabatta buns and garlic butter

Lasagna...such as it is

Dinner spread

Plated shot. I'm well aware of what the final produce looks like so no comments from the peanut gallery please

It sure as heck didn't cut and serve in beautiful layered stacks like lasagna does. Maybe it was too much gravy (is that even possible?), maybe too much cheese (no way), or maybe I just didn't let it sit and cool long enough to firm up. Yes, its a God awful looking mess but it was REALLY good, fun, and over-the-top creative. This was posted for two reasons only: to keep the gravy theme going and to possibly give people ideas to make something along these lines: a different take on traditional lasagna. I've got some ideas running through my head, just need to get that deviant brain of mine wrapped around a concept and go with it. Sorry for such sloppy pics, but thanks once again for dropping in. See y'all again soon.



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Heck Robert. Pics look great to me. Looks and sounds delicious. When you plate mine put the ciabatta under my lasagna like an open face please. Nice creative work bud. Had tri Tip last night myself but it was boring lol


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It may not be pretty but it looks like some good eating. And got the bread to catch any gravy that tries to escape.

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Definitely being hard on yourself about the pics. Looks amazing to me! It's like an twist on a beef stroganoff !

#TeamGravy is just a hashtag battle cry I guess haha. hashtags don't function here, but just having fun with all the gravy posts :emoji_grin:

All that aside, I could really go for some of that food! Dinner can't come soon enough! Excellent as always Robert!


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I think i've seen it all now Robert, Gravy lasagna? got to say i never heard of it but i will tell you it looks delicous!!


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Robert this is something ive never seen or heard of....that means original! And pics look goood. I know id eat a plate of it....or three haha! Love your thinking on this one! I may have to try something based of your idea here.
It's like an twist on a beef stroganoff !
Exactly what I was thinking!

Robert great idea and great looking meal. Always coming up with new things to inspire all of us to try new things and think outside the box. This one is definitely worth a shot in my kitchen. Thanks for sharing this!


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I love it! That is just an exceptional idea! Of course as you know anything gravy is a good thing. I'm with TNJAKE TNJAKE put mine on a piece of garlic bread. Pics look great...with all that melted cheese and gravy no way to slice and serve without chilling it first. Very nicely done! And thanks to your thinking outside the box others ideas will be fueled.



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Gravy is like bacon, it’s good on damn near everything lol!! The pics look great and I am quite sure it was delicious! Love the outside the box thinking.


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Pictures may not make the Art Gallery but the gravy lasagna sounds and looks tasty !


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Looks like an awesome train wreck in flavor town!!!! In a good way!!! I Love it!!! That is on par with my photo skills Robert!! LOL!!!!!!!


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There’s nothing wrong with a plate of rib-stickin’ tri tip gravy lasagna! That’s pure comfort right there.

Put a layer of carmelized onions and mashed potatoes, and I don’t think I’m coming out of the food coma!

That’s a hell of an idea and a great new way to use up that leftover tri tip.


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I think it looks good Robert. Goes without saying it was delicious of course! Excellent original idea.
Thanks for sharing.


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I’ve certainly seen worse looking lasagnas so nothing to be ashamed of there, at least yours was solid I’ve seen some that are like soup lol


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Ehrmagerd ... you had me at gravy. And pasta. And cheese. And meat.




BIG LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I can taste the beauty of that meal through my screen.


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