Beef Dino Leftovers (Breakfast, Sammies, and some “Au Jus”)

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Beef Dino Leftovers 
(Breakfast, Sammies, and some “Au Jus”)

I thought I’d show how easy it is to have Awesome Fat-Free AuJus.

And a little showing of a Tasty Breakfast, and the first of a bunch of Fantastic Dino Rib Sammies I got from that last batch of Smoked Beef Dino Ribs.

As for the AuJus, it all starts with the foiling sauce I used after 3 hours of open rack smoking.
I put 4 to 6 ounces of Apple juice, 2 ounces of Worcestershire (or your favorite BBQ sauce), and 2 ounces of Teriyaki Marinade in the pan with the Ribs, and cover it with foil.
Then after about another 3 hours in the foil, that mixture combines with some Beef Fat & Meat juices.
So after it’s all done, I pour it from the pan into a round container, and put it in the Fridge over night. Then you can see below in the pictures & captions what happens next.

I also show a Very Tasty Sammy below, and remember this all came from my original “Beef Dino Ribs” post, at:

Check out the Pics & Captions below,


Here’s the Leftover Beef Dino Meat I saved for Breakfast & many Days worth of Sammies:

First Morning, I had a couple Eggs to go with my leftover Taters, and a little leftover Beef Rib Meat:

Here’s what the bowl of Foiling Juices I had left after smoking my Beef Ribs look like after sitting in the Fridge over night:

As you can see, all the Fat came to the top & solidified. 
Then I could just cut around the outside & pop it up with a knife.
That fat was about 3/4" thick and got hard enough to come out in one piece:

Once I pop the hard layer of Fat off the top, the gelatinous stuff in the bottom is the most awesome Au Jus I can get:

Here you see some of the meat I trimmed off of a couple leftover Ribs. 
Great for Breakfast & Sammies I’ll show below:

So I cut those Beef Rib Trimmings into slightly smaller pieces.
Then I add a couple TBS of that Au Jus, and flip it around in a Frying Pan:

Then after that Meat & Au Jus get Good & Hot, I put it on a Steak Roll.
Gotta eat this open face with a fork, because you could never close this one up——AWESOME!!

As I’m typing this, I’ve had 4 Sammies like this already, and I’m not even halfway done with these leftovers.
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Great Post and info  It looks Wonderful  wish I had a sandwich (or two)  

I love leftovers Like you I eat on them till their gone      

Nice job Bear!

The sammies look delicious!


Thank You Al !!

I knew you'd like this one, because you're a Sammy Monster with leftovers, just like me.

And Thanks for the Points!

Left overs work well in my house also. Waste nothing if ya can use it.


Sorry. These are too good to be classified as leftovers, they are just good food.


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