Bear Jr’s Wife’s Turn

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Sep 12, 2009
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Bear Jr’s Wife’s Turn

OK guys, I had to show you this.
Bear Jr has been taking his #1 Employee “Brian” with him lately for Catfish, and they’ve been catching them like crazy!!
They got 12 one day, 7 another day, and all that came after he went with a Guide on the Susquehanna, and they caught 36 Flatheads, and a bunch of them were in the 30 pound range.
We never fished the Susquehanna before, and it is known to be full of big rocks, and he wanted to learn what he could about the Susky & these strange New Giant Catfish spreading out over Pennsylvania waters.
So this time Bethany wanted to go for Catfish!
They left about Noon yesterday, and got back a little after dark.
Only one Flathead was caught, and when it hit Bear Jr told Bethany to grab the rod & take charge. It fought pretty hard for Bethany, but she gritted her teeth & stayed with it right up to the boat, and Bear Jr lifted it on board. It was about 37” long & 28 pounds.

That Fish ended up the only one they caught all day.
Bethany could only hold it up that one way, so she asked Bear Jr to hold it up for a couple other Pics.

Believe it or not, I try not to flood the Forum with non-cooking posts & Pics, but I try to only post exceptionally interesting ones that I figure you guys will enjoy.
I figured you guys would get a kick out of Bethany making believe she’s not struggling, holding up that Brute of a Catfish!

Thanks Guys,


Bethany after the Catch! Susquehanna River in the background:

Bear Jr helping her show her catch:

One more view:
When you are married to your fishing partner you get to go fishing a lot more often. Nice catch! RAY
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Man that’s a whopper!! I really enjoy catfishing and always love seeing posts of a good fishing trip!!
WOW, what a huge cat, nice catch Bethany! Keep posting this kind of stuff Bear, we love it!
That's one huge fish! Nice catch Bethany. Very impressive. Thanks for sharing.
That's a nice fish and some mighty fine eating, John. The coloration is interesting in that the ones I see from here are more on the green side...
Nice fish , might have to give the susquehanna another shot, not sure if those monsters are up this way though
That's a monster.
Thank You SHS !!
And For the Like.


When you are married to your fishing partner you get to go fishing a lot more often. Nice catch! RAY
Thank You Ray!!
Yup, I think that was a "Pre-qualification", Since we used to take Mrs Bear with us when Bear Jr was just a Cub.
And Thanks for the Like.

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