New Catfish Pictures (From Virginia)

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New Catfish Pictures (From Virginia)

So Bear Jr and his trusty Helper “Brian” left yesterday morning at 4:30 AM, headed Southwest to the James River, in Virginia.
They got there at about 11 AM and fished all day. Then they texted some pics to us. Then they fished some more this morning.
Then they texted some more Pics, before they left down there.
They aren’t home yet, so what you see is all I got.
BTW: Brian is a nice little guy who Bear Jr met through shooting pool.
Bear Jr is the Captain of a team that Brian joined up with. Some time after that, Bear Jr. hired Brian part-time in his new Wood Shop, inside his Tower Barn. Bear Jr has been teaching Brian everything he knows about Cabinetmaking & Carpentry. Then since Bear’s Director of Operations quit his Tower Corporation, & moved on to a cable TV place, he gave Brian that job, and has been training him on all of the things that job includes.
Brian loves fishing, so whenever Bethany doesn’t go along, Brian does. And when Brian goes, they get into more serious fishing.



On Edit !!: MY MISTAKE !! These were all "Blue Catfish"---Not Flatheads. Now that Bear Jr came home, he straightened me out. I have never seen any catfish that big. We never caught Flatheads or Blur Catfish in my Day.


Another New EDIT : Below is a picture of the last one Bear Jr caught, before they left to come home. It is a 55 pound Blue Catfish.


Bear Jr with his First Flathead of the Day, Yesterday:
View attachment 647642

Brian with his first Flathead of the Day, at just under 50 pounds:
View attachment 647646

Bear Jr Again:
View attachment 647647

Brian Again:
View attachment 647648
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