Cast iron pots ?

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Great looking dutch ovens. There's some carbon build up on the outside of the bottom/side, but nothing to worry about.

Given how long they've been stored, I'd suggest a good scrubbing with hot water and dish soap. Lord only knows if critters got into them. The lore of "never use soap" still floats around the cast iron world, but today's dish soap doesn't contain the amounts of lye that it used to. In some cases it may not be used at all. Lye will strip your seasoning. If Dawn dish soap takes off your "seasoning", then it was never an actual season.

You may want to re-season if they smell rancid or funky. Though if they don't smell like anything, I'd simply address the rust spot you identified, give them a good scrubbing and use them.

After you use them, give them a wash. Dry them and select the oil of your choice and apply with a lint free cloth. I like Crisco since it's cheap and available. After you're done wiping it on, wipe it off like you didn't mean to put it on there to begin with. You really only need a thin film of oil to prevent rust.

Also, if you choose to give them a coat of seasoning, or a complete strip and season, be sure to a) know the smoke point of your oil and, b) consider using an outdoor gas grill rather than your oven. The first one is important to ensure that the oil polymerizes - which only happens at a temperature above it's smoke point. The smoke point varies a fair amount from type to type. The second one is because you'll be pushing the oil past it's smoke point and it'll, well, smoke.
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Awesome pans look well used I'm sure many fawned memories for you.
We always had pan bread too was like one big biscuit.
Ah when you going fishing?

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