barrel inside paint removal advice

Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by sshh, Dec 28, 2015.

  1. sshh

    sshh Newbie

    hello !!


    this my first barrel smoker build i found 2 barrels knowing i have to remove the inside paint.

    thoiught its gone be easy but this paint love this barrels :) its not going out with paint removal and i cannot burn it (neigbours).

    this paint is not look like red liner and i think its rust inhibitor.

    do i have to remove it ? and how? i dont have access to send blast and cannot burn it, attached some pictures of the proccess.

  2. dwhite1031

    dwhite1031 Smoke Blower

    That liner has to be removed before using it for cooking. I wouldn't use chemical paint remover either. Do you have a friend that lives outside your city limits where you could take it and burn it out?
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  3. sshh

    sshh Newbie

    ok thanks i already used paint remover on one barrel, but i probably found someone to sendblast it.

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