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Nov 14, 2010
Johnston county
Hey there my friends we got bad news this week, I am type 2 diabetic, the doc thinks we can manage this with pills, anybody out there know if i can still have my smoked meat? I can,t belive there is life without brisket an ribs and fatties lol any advice? Thanks.
I'm not a diabetic, but I think any kind of meat is ok. You just have to watch the sugar in the rub and sauce. I'm not sure if you have to limit your fat intake, but I don't think so. Did the Dr. tell you to exercise & loose weight & maybe you would not be a diabetic anymore. I have 2 friends who did just that & they no longer have to take pills. I'm sure some of the guys in your situation will come along soon with better advice. Good luck.
I am type 2 and I don't have any trouble with smoked meats or normal rubs.  I don't use extra brown sugar for a bark or anything like that, but otherwise every thing is cool. 
I went over the line last year, but I dropped 15 pounds, and the next test had me back under the line.

My Daughter-in-law is Type 1. Meat is not a problem. Breads, sugars, pastas, and any other kinds of Carbs.




I was going to say that there are a few folks in here that are diabetic. I'm not and you will sonn to find out that the food is alright for now you will just have to watch some things.
Pops has listed a few low salt recipes and I've done some low salt smokes too.

Maybe Admin. will create new section for low salt and low sugar recipes and discussions.  May of us are getting the news from out Docs to cut salt and excess sugar from our diets.

I am type 2 and take the pills and just watch carbs and sugars.  Since I do not eat smoked meats everyday I dont worry to much about the occasional transgression with raw sugar in my rubs.  Just remember to make good choices most of the time and a little bit on a weekend smoke aint gonna kill ya.  It is all a balancing act. 
The shock of being diagnosed as Type 2 will soon wear off and you will learn that a good diet, losing weight and a little medication can go a long way to managing the problem.  I remember finding out I had Diabetes when the nurse brought in the Insulin Kit to the exam room.  I can not stress enough the importance of  exercise and a good diet high in colorful vegetables, salads, lean meats and whole grains.  Complex carbohydrates are an important of a diabetic's diet.

Look up diets based on the glycemic index.  The index gives you food choices that take longer to be converted into sugars.  The longer a food takes to be converted to sugars in your system the less dramatic the swings in your blood sugar. 

It is expected that within the next 20 years over half the population of the United States will have some form of Diabetes or insulin resistance.  Our sedentary lifestyle, aging population and abundance of high calorie, low nutrition foods is the leading cause of this trend.

It is not the end of the world for you and your family but it is a signal to get serious about taking care of yourself.

Good Luck and don't think twice about dropping me a pm if I can help.

Been there, done that and got the t-shirt, lol!  Type II for many years, keep it well under control w/ meds, only took insulin in the hospital after having two strokes.  

I can't stress enough that stress is as big a factor as any other metric in your diabetic control.  That was the primary reason for my second stroke, at least one of the major contributing factors.  Controlling stress as well as your other contributing factors is just as important.  

1st, take the advice of your doctor.  He knows best; don't ignore it.

2nd, follow his diet.  There are twice the calories in fat as there is in lean.  Control your calories, improve your life.  Lean sausage (85-90%), turkey, chicken, lean pork, and lean beef are great.  

3rd, bulk up on vegetables.  If you don't like them, find one or more that you do.  

4th, eliminate obvious sources of sugar.  Use sugar substitute in coffee and tea.  Drink diet soda.  Yup, you can get used to it.  I drink Diet Rite ZERO.  0 calories, 0 sugar, 0 salt, 0 fat, 0 carbs, 0 caffeine; uses Splenda[emoji]174[/emoji].  1 to 1 substitution using Splenda[emoji]174[/emoji] instead of sugar in rubs, seasonings and brines.  

5th, reduce salt intake.  I have posted recipes on reduced salt curing and seasonings, need to do a lot more too.

last but not least, know your A1c and follow Dr's orders for blood tests.  Ask your doctor for a glucose monitoring kit; he gets them free, you pay for the test strips; ask his advice which strips in your area are the cheapest so you can keep up with your testing.  

Once you stabilize, you won't have to test that often, he or she can show you alternate site testing too so your fingers won't feel like pincushions.  Follow any other suggestions given by your doctor too.  Check your feet and get your eyes tested, don't wear open-toed sandals, be concerned about any sores or eruptions on your shins or ankles and show the doctor.

Best of luck and you can fight this and live a long and normal life just by following some simple guidelines.
Quint, I too am a type-2 and I do  well with the protien. It's the quantity that is the problem,can not quit.LOL

If your A-1-C is in a good zone, you should ask your Doc what he thinks.

Maybe you will get the O.K. for "Q"

Have fun and,
I feel your pain.   I just found out last Wednesday that I am type 2 as well.  It's been a big adjustment and I was kinda wondering about what you are asking in your post.  I'm glad the feedback is positive!!!  Let me know if there are any good recipes you come across and I will share with you as well.
Don't forget you can grill veggies! I love a warm grilled veggie salad, just cut stuff in half, remove seeds, brush with EVOO, and toss onto a hot grill till it carmelizes. Then chop into bite sized chunks, mix with some fresh garlic, fresh basil, a little feta cheese, fresh cracked pepper, and a hint of salt. It makes an awesome side dish that can be varied depending on the veggies that are in season. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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