Back from a brisket hiatus

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Original poster
Apr 19, 2019
Saint Augustine, Florida
I took some time off after a few dry briskets. Haven’t had much luck with my stick burner - I seemed to have it down to a science with my old WSM... Giving it another go tonight on the offset, brisket is trimmed and rubbed and ready to rock. Going to throw on some butts as well for good measure. Fingers crossed... will upload some pictures tomorrow...
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What have been the issues with the stick burner? Also; what stick burner?

Also; good luck and enjoy staying up tonight. I'm gonna turn on my favorite David Gilmore concert, so I might make it another 5 ish hours in this thread to track your progress. :-)

May not post though
I’ve got a Oklahoma Joes highland reverse flow - had some trouble keeping a consistent temp on the long cooks. So far it’s been a steady 250. They’ve been on for about 5 hours - have a ton of time left...
About 8 hours in: BD316293-FF66-4444-809B-F952CD519AB4.jpeg B7183FC3-5B9A-4FEF-816F-BC5057042666.jpeg 1D2874AF-9222-4D52-97B3-F2B802FB386E.jpeg 1683C263-C9DB-4CC0-9F4C-F8CC254CFBF2.jpeg
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Haha a few naps.. I’m binge watching breaking bad (I can’t believe it took me this long to start) - so plenty to keep me busy...

We did the same thing, we watched all of the seasons all at once. I can't believe we never saw that show the first time around. But once you start watching it, it's hard to stop!
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