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reverse flow

  1. Y

    Recommendations for Reverse Flow Smokers(Lang, Shirley & Glenn’s Pits)

    I am looking at a few different builders for a new reverse flow pit. I am not new to smoking meat but have never owned a stick burner. I want something that simply works and works well. I am looking for “patio” models to get started and have looked at Lang and Shirley quite a bit; however, I...
  2. S

    Vertical Reverse Flow Build (picture heavy)

    I’m finishing up my very first smoker build, no welding or metal working experience at all, but everyone on this site seems to make everything look so easy I thought why not. (Man was I wrong!!!) I started out by reading and researching every build I could find and decided on vertical reverse...
  3. smokey mo

    the makings of a beast for sale.

    Hey Guys/Gals. I have a 500G propane tank with the danger cut already done. a small portion of one dome has been removed and it is loaded up t burn off the paint. I have just been having some family/home issues that require me to refocus and a beast 2.0 is not in the cards right now and I have...
  4. D

    60 Gallon Reverse Flow out of air compressor tank

    Hi members, I'm the new guy here from Waco, Tx. I am fairly new to smoking but I love smoked food and want to build a smoker out of this 60 gallon air tank I bought a while back. Wants: Easy to maintain temp Even temp across entire CC Multipurpose firebox(use top for griddle) Multipupose...
  5. M

    63.3 Gallon RF, nearly complete

    I'm back again. My last post here was on September 19 of last year and I was getting some technical input from you guys on my build. It has been nearly a year, but it's now about 90% done, the rest of which is purely cosmetic. My project started life as an 80 gallon vertical air tank and was...
  6. dacolson

    1st Build - Reverse flow - 48"

    I thought I was the first guy to buy a welder on a whim and start building fire pits. Hahaha. I'm graduating to building a smoker and decided on a reverse flow. I took a lot of cues from Allen's Welding on YouTube. Lots of great ideas. Got measurements from...
  7. BigTT

    Back from a brisket hiatus

    I took some time off after a few dry briskets. Haven’t had much luck with my stick burner - I seemed to have it down to a science with my old WSM... Giving it another go tonight on the offset, brisket is trimmed and rubbed and ready to rock. Going to throw on some butts as well for good measure...
  8. anstissk

    Lang Clone

    Hi all, Started on my Lang clone a few days ago. Worked on designing it at night after work and between homework for my Masters class. So far, going well. Hoping to continue on it through the weekend. I think we’re going to go with lawn wheels toward the FB and maybe casters on the other side.
  9. andres

    First 80 gallon Reverse Flow build

    Hello everyone! This is my first smoker build ever, I usually bbq in my weber kettle (I live in Mexico) but I wanted to step up the smoking a little bit and found an old 80g propane tank in my shop and thought that it would be a cool project. The tank is around 13/64" thick so I thought I...
  10. I

    Oklahoma Joe Longhorn reverse flow AND horizontal baffle plate?

    Ok, please don't laugh. We just replaced our venerable Brinkmann Smoke'n'Pit (over 20 years of year-round smoking didn't do the firebox any good) with an Oklahoma Joe Longhorn. That comes with a reverse flow system; while getting mods to finish it off (e.g., tape for the firebox and the smoker...
  11. Brisketandbutts

    Offset Smoker Location

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a new smoker that I'm super stoked about. However, the area I was originally planning on putting it is like 20 feet from a neighbors window so I have rethought about not having it there. Now I am running low on places to put it in my backyard. How close do you...
  12. comer4tide

    Brand New Black Warrior Smoker Custom Build

    Id like for you guys to meet the newest addition to our lineup. The guys at Black Warrior Smokers knocked this one out of the park. If your in need or ever thought about a stick burner competition/recreational/make your neighbors jealous cooker these guys can do it. This is my 2nd one from them...
  13. MakinStacks

    MakinStacks Smoke - First build

    Hey everyone! New to the forum and this wonderful world of smoking. I’m planning on building my first ever smoker and can’t wait to get started. For now, here is what I have to work with. 3CCE73FD-7941-4C24-90BB-F5E17B714629 by MakinStacks posted Aug 17, 2018 at 2:14 PM Unfortunately not ALL...
  14. T


    Looking for a Gravity Fed/Reverse Flow cooker that can fit a hog on the inside. Preferably a Platinum 5/6. If you are looking to sell please let me know ASAP!!
  15. T

    Materials List

    does anyone have a fairly decent materials list for building a reverse flow from a 275 gallon fuel tank? Background: I’m a welder/fabricator and have been commissioned by a customer to build a smoker out of a 275 gallon fu tank I’ve had laying around. I’ve read through quite a bit of...
  16. harald jarl roca

    vertical reverse flow build cabinet smoker

    Hi everyone, I’m planning to build a vertical reverse flow smoker (cabinet type) and i want to know how to calculate the measurements of cc, firebox and ss. Is it the same way you calculate with vertical reverse flow smoker? If no, how could you determine the measurements. I have build my own...
  17. Y

    Reverse flow exhaust baffle?

    Hey all, I've been smoking on an electric, and pellet grill for a few months and decided to jump into the stickburner world. I picked up a used custom build trailer unit from a friend. 120 gal CC, 24" cube firebox. Seems to be a nice unit. While firing it up for the first time, it seemed...
  18. K

    Newbie could use some guidance

    I have been reading many posts about building a RF smoker from 275 Oil Tank. Have a few questions as I plan my own. 1) Is it necessary to have a heat shield in addition to the RF plate? If so, what is the purpose? 2) Why is it necessary to have a 24x24x44 firebox if the fire is not going to...
  19. N

    New offset smoker, opinions needed

    I have a propane vertical smoker already but I am interested in a new challenge in the sense of an offset stick burner. I am mainly between the Yoder Loaded Wichita with the heat management plate, and the Johnson Customs Compact Patio pit. They are both around the area for cooking space I am...
  20. SteveR.

    First Smoker Build, Another 60 gallon Reverse flow.

    First time posting, first smoker build, and first major welding project. Been using different types of Smokers for over 30 years. This is all about my first DIY build, and it cant look to "Homemade" or I wont be able have it near the house. Already making some good progress so I will just...
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