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Auber syl-2352p ramp/soak


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My wife is going to be smoking some summer sausage this Friday in the fridge smoker while I'm at work. I haven't figured out the steps yet and looking for help. I have always changed the temp manually and never used the ramp/soak. The controller is the auber 2352p. The Temps that I want ramped and soaked are 130 degrees for 3 hours. Then 150 degrees for 2 hours then 170 degrees for 2 hours and kept at 180 degrees until the meat is finished. How exactly do I setup each step?


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I have a different model from Auber so the programming might be different. Their website might list instructions for your model. Or call them.

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OK.. I'll have to try and rattle my brain a little bit... I have the same one and have it programmed a little different than what your looking for... Let me first try to explain how it works... The step times are measured in minutes ... when you set temp for a certain amount of time, it will take that whole time to slowly ramp the temp up to make it reach the set temp by the end of the amount of time that was set... for example.. step 1 is set at 130` for 180 minutes (3 hrs).. step 2 is set 150` for 120 minutes (2 hrs).... So during step 1 the temps will slowly ramp up and make it to 130` at the end of the 180 minutes... it will not be holding a steady 300` for the entire 180 minutes (unless programmed different)...so when it hits step 2 (after 180 min.).. it will now slowly ramp temps from 130` up to 150` over the set time period of 120 minutes... finally reaching 150` at the end of the 120 minutes...

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