Arrrg! What to do!

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Aug 20, 2007
San Diego
I just wanted to get some opinions, I know that it may sound dumb, but I want to SMOKE NOW!

Dilemma...the local HD doesn't carry the Char-Griller Smokin' Pro in the store. I have to order it off the website. $102.00 for shipping plus the $169.00 for the smoker...$271.00, plus the extra for the mods...$290 said and done approx. If I order it direct for CharGriller with shipping it is $179 for the smoker and $75 for shipping for a total of $254 then the mods...blah blah blah
And I gotta wait 10-14 days...blah blah blah

BBQ galore down the street has the B-B-Chef for $269, thermo is $20. No shipping, minor mods...$289 approx.

Pros and cons of both grills...I've read until my eyes hurt. Went and checked out the BBQG smoker....HEAVY! Still needs some minor work, no warming rack, prolly not the best for charcoal grilling, no oil catch drip thingy. Now I need personal opinions from both owners. Help me make up my mind!
Don't wanna start a Ford Chevy debate...just want some honest opinions.
find a lowe's - our local here has it w/ the firebox for $119 & $10 if ya want them to assemble it. if not walmart should have the brink smoke-n-pit... same thing only 200 sq." more cooking area & ceramic grates- so much easier to slean & longer lasting in my opinion. for $139.00 w/ the firebox i have 2- not bad pits.. basically the same but the brink is bigger.
Yup, Lowes has 'em (the CG)... here in DE anyway. I was talking to a guy who works in the grill/outdoor dept and he sez that after Labor Day, they will be marked down to get rid of them... Not sure how much, but that will make it a real sweet deal. Regular price here is $119 for the main chamber and $54 for the SFB.
I got my Chargriller at Lowes, same price as Hawg states. It was easy to put together. I think it's a well made pit...HEAVY door on the sfb.

I thought the Brink pit, the barb chef, and the charbroil smoker all were made of higher gauge metal (thinner metal) on the fire box any way, probably has the same gauge for the cook chamber as the others.

I happen to like the grates on the chargriller. They are cast iron, once seasoned they'll pretty well last forever like grandpa's cast iron skillet.

The mods are cheap and very easy, they can be done for between 15 - 30 dollars depending on what all you do.

They didn't put as much thought into the plastic cover. Don't buy it, it's a waste of money. It fits the grill like a glove
, but is very thin
, and will split at the seams quickly (mine did anyway.)

I love the pit, and have enjoyed what's come out of it since day one, but I would say most of the thanks for what's come out can be directed toward SMF, and all the help.
Yeah, I wish I had not bought that cover... a real POS. I have patched it several times where the plastic split... the seams are holding up so far, but the plastic just splits where it feels like. The one good thing about it though is that it makes a great pattern to make a better quality cover.
I have read that the bar-b-chef is made from heavier material than the char griller. I am not sure so you should check into that yourself. I also saw online last week that you can buy the bar-b-chef as a package with charcoal an some other goodies for $299. It looks like a good deal.
gotta admit that the CG was my first choice. I've heard nothing but good about it. I like modding things anyway and think it adds some character. I just don't see paying the extra money on the BBChef though. I looked at it and there were gaps all over it...the smoke stack, the fb and so on. For that much money, the factory should have taken care of those things.

Just out of curiosity...any one here ever "travel" withe their CG. I saw the tow hitch attachment on the site and instantly thought California Speedway Tailgate!!

Off to Lowes after work...wish me luck!
Yes! They can be sold together as the Smokin' Pro, or separately as the Super pro and SFB.

I know you'll enjoy it. Go get it!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


i got my chargriller at lowes for $119, $59 for firebox. i love it, and couldnt find anything else in that price range at all. less that $200 with tax, and it does the job well. the lowes i go to didnt even charge extra for assembly, go to the garden dept. good luck, jack
I found that with just modifications, the chargriller works very well. A charcoal basket is a must, and extending the smokestack to grate level. Don't forget to get a coulple of oven thermometers too. The stock thermometer is junk.
I called and they said they have 16 in stock....wooooo hoooo, thanks for the help guys!
When I bought my CG from Lowes, the BassPro Shop had a similar but differant brand on sale for $99.00. I brought the ad with me and Lowes matched the BPS price. No regrets here.
Don't know about their tow hitch attachment... If I need to be mobile, I load mine on my 4'x7' utility trailer and strap it down, along with all the stuff I'll need to do the smoke. I then pretend I'm towing a Lang 60 behind me...
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