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May 11, 2024
Home Smoker

New Smoker

Very experienced Executive chef/GMf and ran a few commercial smokehouse restaurants. I don’t really have much experience with home smokers and I am trying to get as close to a real wood smoke with a good amount of space and keep price in $300 range. I am going to get a higher end one or most likely just get it built on a trailer since I am going to be using these for catering. I wanted go over with what i chose, what mods I will be doing and I got a lot of question if you guys can help me out. I am spending total between 300 to 350 with tax and shipping.

Went with:

$275 Dyna-glo DG01890BDC-D got it for 250 plus 25 tax - How did I do this, Aliepxress is selling it for $100 less than the average price and 60 less than Amazon’s current sell price-they are also shipping from US, its the exact same place. So a little secret if you find anything that is made in china on Amazon then check the Chinese sites baba, jd, alibaba, baba express and the others, just make sure its shipping from US or expect a 3 to 4. Week delay. ###May 15th eta
(I seen results, I seen reviews, it has 1890 sq inches of cook space, I plan on going to as close as wood smoker with just a little charcoal to start it out.

$21 Got the OEM $45 cover for 21 bucks(new) on eBay with tax and shipping. ###May 15th eta
Now questions

$25 Fire Bricks, Woodstove Firebricks, Size 9″ x 4-1/2″ x 1-1/4″, 4-Pack, Insulating Fire Bricks, Clay Firebricks Replacement for Wood Stoves, Fireplaces, Fire Pit, Kiln, Pizza Oven.-so far this looks like best deal from Amazon and will do what I am looking for it to do. I will probably get another 4, we will see once it gets here and decide.
###Any opinions or better deals on Fire brick? Is this the best option at best price?

$7 DAP 7079818854 High Heat Mortar Fire Stop Caulk (much cheaper plus a lot more product for a. Lot less, looks higher rated and its black, so looks like a win-win, purpose it to keep smoke and heat in. Going with this instead of the standard heat resistance silicon sealant. ***Any experience using this product and should it do the job? If not better?
Some other mods I will be doing or at least looking into once it arrives (these are best mods I be seen while researching or idea that will help)
$3? - a small plate to help keep the flame tamed and not going up cook chamber.
Free- water pan
Another thermometer to have both sides always temped
Ill be looking into fan and adjusting chimney possibly
From what I seen, you could really mod this up by giving a layer of insulation and metal
Total cost $341 with tax and shipping
THen just curious where do you get your splits at best deal? I will cut splits in half to give a nice fit instead of using chips or pieces - I probablby will get them cheaper from my wholesale supplier Chaney or USFood but Ill be limited on wood types, so wondering who has best deal retail on them and have more woodd option?
Welcome to SMF from Mississippi! Share your pics and post. We like show and tell.

I definately will, Ill keep it updated, I hope I gave some info that could help someone and I had a few questions in there that I could use help on if you have any advice or anyone else, I mentioned in original post that delivery rtread it says approx arrival date is May 15th.
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