Are the Akorn and Performer side tables metal?

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by worktogthr, Mar 12, 2016.

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    I just read on the Weber website that the side table on the Performer is painted metal? The one I have which is about 5-6 years old really looks like plastic so I never put anything hot on it such as a chimney, a foil pan that was on the grill or a hot grate. My Akorn has a very similar table. I would love to be able to put the hot grate or smokin stone onto the side table when taking it out for a reverse sear or what not. Just need reassurance that these two side tables are not going to melt on me.

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    Mine doesn't look like metal either, but it's also a few years old, and I have burn marks all over it from hot things. I really don't think it's metal. Maybe the new ones are.

  3. I think my Akorn side table is metal but there were versions with wood (or something that looks like wood). There's also two versions of the cart, I have a 3 wheel type but there was a 4wheel square type.
  4. Yes, Akorn side table are metal. I have placed a hot grate on them while cooking without problems. 

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