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Another smokey weekend


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Now I had and still am having one fun weekend. It all started out having a lunch for 25 people who I'm told were very picky. So after some last minute changes here we go. I started out smoking the briskets late friday night. I rubbed them with my mixture of Old Bay and brown sugar. Then into the smoker they go. They will be smoked over some apple chips and taken to probably 195°



We be smoking.


The first to come off and going into the foil jacket for the finishing touches. Oh yea do you like my bbq (the foot) tool holder???? and I really like sailing too


The next one comes out and going into the foil.


Here's the set and it looks ok I'm really new to this whole catering thing. I'm still tring to save alittle here and there for the fancier chafing dishes. I'll get there & after all it's the food that has to be good.


Here's the meat sliced and it really is very juicey it just doesn't look like it.

Then they asked for apple studel and I have never made one so I gave it a shot.


It came out pretty good and I know it has to taste good too cause I tasted all the parts. I'm not really used to this part of catering. I can taste the parts but not the finished product. Fingers crossed. After it was done Ashley from the hotel called me and said that the food was a really BIG hit and the very picky people were very happy that they changed hotels. The other one was 10 minutes later with the cookies for the reception last year.

Oh yea the rest of the weekend.......

Now last weekend I started some buckboard, bellie, and new to me a side of pork. They say that it is leaner (that I agree with) and it is the same thing just alittle farther around the animal. Ok so I gave it a shot heck it's alittle cheaper so.....


Ready for the removel of the skin.


Now the cure and a long rest in  the refrig.


Just a short bath for couple of hours and then onto the smoker for you.


Now the day and smoke will be poured to theses hunks of pork for about 8-10 hours and then back into the refrig for the night and then they will go to the slicer section of this thread so hang on.

Thanks for enjoying my weekend so far and more to come later



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Looking real nice Mark!!

 Have a great day!!



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Great looking spread...I sure could go for a brisket sammy and apple strudel right now!!!


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Well thanks for the kind words but now we have to eat so I threw on some cornish hens with some Abt's. DINNER SOON


So for an update on the bacon it's going right along very nicely see


It's always nice to see the smokers a smoking both of them.


Hope that you enjoyed that I know we will



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Wow Mark,

You've been a busy fellow !

And everything looks really good!

Keep that Qview coming!




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Oh Mark that is great looking stuff. You are one brave man for getting into that crazy business. I did it for a few years and it is just one tough business.  

Good luck brother


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Looks awesome


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Congratulations on the successful catering job.  Everything looks great.

the dude abides

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All of that looks great.  Congrats on the catering gig!

Now how about that apple studel recipie?  It looks really good.


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That is some great looking stuff !  Congratulations on the catering business, I was told by a friend of mine that is in the catering business "big time", she says that as long as you continue to stick to a menu that you can do well and fairly fast you can make it in the catering business, she did over $1.3 million gross last year, (about $70 thousand net).  The bacon looks awesome! I could smell it out on my porch! Just had to smell real hard!  It does look fantastic!  Keep up the good work Mark and thanks for the look at both the business end and the bacon end!

Your Friend.



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Great job there Mark! Wishing you good luck with your catering business too. I bet when they taste your food they will be back for more.

chef willie

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Great looking spread there Mark....I know it was a lot of work and picky eaters are no picnic to deal with. I was just thinking about apple strudel so I agree with Dude.....where's the recipe?

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