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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by tndawg123, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. tndawg123

    tndawg123 Newbie

    I know this has been covered repeatedly, but I have multiple options for drums and I'm trying to decide. There are drums that have not been cleaned with unknown uses for $10. I also have a drum company in town that uses a chemical wash and some other process to clean the drums for other companies to use to refill. He has assured me that the drums have no liners, i can have heavy duty or standard, and they are b/n $28 and $35. I asked if they were "food grade" and he said they don't sell for packing food products, but he didn't think that the container could be any cleaner than it was after it went through their entire process. Any opinions?

    Thanks in adavance,

  2. beer-b-q

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    First off, Welcome to the SMF forum, be sure to stop in the Roll Call thread and Properly introduce yourself...

    Personally, if it has been cleaned good, I would think it would be okay...

    Others will be along soon with their opinions and in the end it will still be up to you to make the final decision...
  3. tndawg123

    tndawg123 Newbie

    I have a cousin that just offered me two FREE containers. He does spray insulation and said the chemical is non-toxic and some kind of soy based something. Yeah I have no idea. I'd like to remember my name after I eat so if there are any opinions on this drum please let me know. He suggested I clean with a laquer cleaner and then wash with soap and water. hhmmm???

  4. got14u

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    grab one they have cleaned...then do what u need to with it. then burn it nice and hot....there is no way with a wash they are doing and a burn that it would not be suitable for a smoker. just my opinion ...but I'm not as paraniod as some.
  5. coffee_junkie

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    If it where me I would still burn it out, just to be safe....the liners don't really pose much of a problem, mine came out after 3 pallets and 18 beers. I would be inclined to either buy a new unlined barrel or find one that is lined and burn it out. He can assure you until hes blue in the face but when it comes to your health you cant be too careful. I found my barrel at the local bakery, she just gave it to me. Check out my build.
  6. tndawg123

    tndawg123 Newbie

    I'm habing trouble replying so if this has appeard more than once I apologize. I have been offered two drums that were used by a spray foam insulation company. I've been told they are non-toxic and soy based. Would these be ok?
  7. billbo

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    I am a buy a brand new, never used, drum guy. No question on toxicity. No need to burn out, just start building & smoking.

    Any other drum woould NEED to be burned out extensively to ensure safety but I do not see why you would take any risks. Just my HO.
  8. rickw

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  9. bigsteve

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    In the practical world, I'm guessing a drum cleaned out good and clean down to the metal is likely okay.

    But I live in the real world full of pollutants, toxins and carcinogens. While I don't crawl under the covers and hide from the world, still, I think it's foolish to even consider a drum that had unknown contents. Fire doesn't negate all chemicals. Even without any chemical training, I know fire can act as a catalyst to change chemicals, and I wouldn't know if the change is for the better. Sure, dad and grandpa would have used the barrel without thinking twice. But we didn't know as much about the side effects of chemicals then as we do now.

    Buy a new drum and sleep better.
  10. bigsteve

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    Is someone here a chemist or informed on Hazmet? I don't know. If not, I'd try looking it up myself through google. I think you should be able to confirm what you were told by the manf of the drum contents. Hope they told you the name.......
  11. tndawg123

    tndawg123 Newbie

    Although I'm not sure that a reconditioned drum that has been run through an incenerator isn't safe, I agree that a new drum is the no hassle no worry solution. After a few days and a little digging I did find a company that sold new containers and as luck would have it they were only $40. So for all those wondering about reconditioned containers you are taking the risk for what in my case amounted to a $10 difference. I bought 2 :eek:). Thanks for all the help. It's time to start my first build.

    Off to the garage!


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