Another Reuben

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Meat Mopper
Original poster
Nov 16, 2023
I had seen Steve H Steve H 's post on the Ruben I figured it was time for me to make one as well. Love me a Ruben sammich! Was even able to find an unsliced loaf of rye bread at the bakery so I could cut to the thickness I wanted. I'm pretty tired of the dry, paper thin slices you get most of the time. This is a substantial sandwich and needs thicker bread!

All the usual suspects are in this one. Smoked meat- sliced so thin it only had one side - piled high, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, thousand island dressing topped with horseradish. Since I was splitting this with my wife, I had to put the dijon on the side...

I had to break out the 12 CI to lightly toast the rye bread on this one. Two slices side by side, just fit. Once toasted, I dropped two slices of swiss on one side, piled the warmed up sauerkraut on top, stacked the meat and sauced the other slice.


Assembled and cut in half, waiting for my wife to pick which one she wanted...


Of course, what's a Reuben without the mustard!?


Only thing missing is the pickle!
Man I don’t know….the wife might have Had to eat PB&J. I don’t know that I could share that good looking sammich!

My wife weighs half as much as me, so I always cut her serving smaller.

I made Rubens last week, and I'll be damned if she didn't try to take the bigger serving, I put a stop to that, and quick.

Not really, I just made another whole sandwich for myself, it was a win, win, situation. Reuben's are one of my favorite parts of Paddy's day.
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