Another first timer checking in

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Aug 11, 2007
Vancouver, Wa.
Hi folks,

As the title says, first timer here. Found Jeff's web site last week. What initially caught my eye was Jeff's address, Sapulpa. My family on dad's side were some of the first settlers of Sapulpa. Had family in town until 15-20 yrs ago.

Have been grilling and smoking for a number of yrs. I'd still call myself a newbie to this tasteful art. Made my own smoker, the second one, a few yrs back from a new double walled SST cabinet about 4 cu ft in capacity. Has always had a electric heating element but need something better or sugggestions due to low temps. During the summer I'm having a hard time getting over 200° and during the winter a lot lower. HELP! Additionally I need to add a thermometer to the cabinet. Got a decent Brinkman thermometer but with the double walled cabinet the T probe is a little short.

Have signed up for Jeff's 5 day E-course but haven't had time to read it all and didn't receive the last lesson.

Have been reading a lot of the posts here and it looks like I need a lesson on some of the terms and TLA's used on the forum. Sure looks like a friendly helpful forum.

For wood, I have a good source for Apple and Cherry and even Oak out back but so far haven't use any Oak.

I took my first step in improving the outcome of my smoking endevors by pruchasing Jeff's receipe for his rub and sauce this AM. Hope it is a good as the testimonies are indicating.

See a couple mentions of Treager, they are in my back yard so to speak being about 15 mi away.

Here are a couple pics of my smoker and first atempt at ribs.

welcome to smf. is your probe located @ grate level ? or maybe a higher wattage heating element ? looks likea great smoker & those ribs sure look good from here. as far as some terms commonly used here, 2 will constantly reoccur.
abt atomic buffalo turd(stuffed jalepeno wrapped w/ bacon
fatty jimmy dean or other breakfast sausage chub rolled ina rub,stuffedw/ goodies, or just plain bare,smoked @ 225-250 until the internal temp hits 160.
once again welcome to smf.looking forward to more pics of your smoking endeavours.
Welcome to SMF !!!

Your smoker bears a striking resemblance to mine and as you are having issues with electric heat I had the same and switched to propane to overcome the problem. Here is a link to my roll call introduction to SMF and it shows pics of my smoker to possibly give you some ideas for yours.

As far as Jeff's rub and sauce recipes, I believe you will be pleasantly surprised, for the price they are a bargain that you will most likely be impressing your friends and relatives with tasty treats for many years !!!

Before I can address your question on terms, first you will need to help me by telling me what TLA stands for !!!
Welcome aboard the SMF!! This is a great place for newbies and experienced alike. Glad you joined up and I look forward to your posts.
Welcome to the SMF. Looks like you're jumping in feet first, you've already gotten into the Q view thing. Nice to have you amongst us.
Thanks for the warm welcome folks and the kind comment on my first ribs.

The smoker sees blocks of cheese from time to time in addition to the slabs of flesh. Talk about going low on the temps.

Thanks for the language lesson gypsy. Oh, TLA = three letter accronym.

To answer your question Gypsy, the heating element is one the bottom and is a 1kW hot plate. Have had to mod the tstat and bypass the thermal fuse to get the chamber up to 200°. Have been thinking of moving over to gas but don't know where to get the burner suitably sized for a smoker.

Mossy, I'll have to take a look at the thread you posted.

Peppers are great. Love stuffed Jalepeno's and plants in the garden are gitting close to harvest. And what can you say about Chipotle's other than great.

About the fatty's, don't know about the Jimmy Dean stuff. We make our own sausage.

Smoked a nice pork shoulder last week for some pulled pork. Wasn't too bad but could have benefitted from a better rub.
I have smoked cheese in mine also, in the summer to maintain low temps I have used charcoal, 4 to 5 briquette's were plenty.

We make our own sausage also. After deer season, ussually the weekend of Thanksgiving and also New Years the smoker is packed full of venison/pork sausage. We generally get 5 to 8 deer per year and also have friends that come over with many more deer. It is always entertaining sausage get togethers !!! This year I will have to post pics of those weekends.
Howdy Webfoot and another welcome! And no, I knew there was as town named Sapulpa. Lived in Edmond at one time. Anywho.....Have fun here and learn like evdryone else does, and dont be shy!
Welcome Webfoot -

That's a pretty kewl looking smoker. Looks like you can get a ton of food in there! Fattys are really good and it works with any breakfast sausage you make. I make mine and you just have to make them really thick so you cn stuff them or whatever. It will also work great with any other sausage you make. I love making sausages and can't wait to see what you might come up with! Enjoy!
I see there are a few Okies here. While born in Tulsa I've spent most of my life on the left coast. Foks had a home in Oakhurst, grandparents live in Sand Springs and dad had aunts and uncles in Sapulpa. If it wasn't for the weather I wouldn't mind living in Ok again. Wife also has family in Ok as well.

Lots of read'n to catch up here on the forum.
welcome from one more okie .. good looking rig .. good looking Q
lot of good people here.. i new my self and they take you right in .. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.