Android picture issue?

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Jun 12, 2019
Allentown, PA
Hey all,
I haven't posted many cooks lately because I'm running into issues with the site and Android. When I try to post a picture I get the error message "the uploaded file is not an image as expected". Anyone else run into this? I can upload the pictures to other places, just not here. Thanks!
Nope and I use a samsung phone. I do get errors for pics on my pc but only to view them on my pc not to upload em here or view em here. Started a while ago after an update
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All good on my end, i use my phone all the time for my pictures ( Sony "android " )
No problem loading any at all to the site here . Even other pictures off the web than save to my
computer I can load on here , ie record album cover pictures weather pictures.

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JCAP JCAP what format are you saving your photos in?

I have uploaded multiple photos from my android phone in the last 24 hours with no issues.
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If the file is above 5mb it will error out. Let me know ow what file format as well
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Test pic for Android.


Appears to work.
Can you just highlight the picture on your phone and drag it over to the thread. That's what I do with my camera.

I take my pics with my Galaxy s20fe, and copy/paste here from my google photos acct. I edit them there first, if needed, like cropping and all that.
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It's not the file size and it is a jpg. I actually can post if I take a screenshot of the original picture so something strange is going on. I'm gonna go on a deep dive tomorrow. But thanks everyone! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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