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  1. Just ordered mine! I've heard a lot of good things, hopefully I can get it to work.  Should be here next week some time.  I can't stand having to reload my Masterbuilt every hour......
  2. seenred

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    Congrats WolfHunter!  That AMNPS and your MES are a perfect match!  You shouldn't have any trouble getting it to work...the main thing is to make sue there is a very hot 'cherry' of glowing pellets started before it goes into the smoker.  Then, as long as air flow is good, you'll get hours of perfect thin blue smoke without reloading.

    If you want to read up on AMNPS lighting techniques, here are a couple of threads that'll help:

    Happy smoking!  [​IMG]

  3. gearjammer

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    Congratulations on the new addition.

    You're going to love this new toy.

    I'll bet that it's going to work just fine, you just

    get it lit right and it works.

    I think mine has gone out maybe twice in

    all the time I've had it.


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