All the pieces are falling into place...

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I only write this post to get on my soapbox for a minute to preach to a community of many who share common interests (and the fact that my girlfriend is soooo sick of hearing about my ECB transformations and how great I am for doing it)

Ladies, of last night, I have officially designated myself "Ret to Go" from here on out when it comes to smoking.

For the sake of not wanting to get b*lls deep in sales reports so early in my work day, I will inform you of the progression/obsession known as smoking and how it hooked me like no other.

1 - Christmas day 2009, I open up Brinkmann Smoke-N-Grill Charcoal Smoker (ECB for ME!)

2 - Assemble immediately and salivate on floor imagining the possibilities

*fast forward to early Spring*

3 - The time has come!  I am ready to smoke something (unaware of ECB modifications) and I select baby backs as the 1st smoke...result?


4 - Hear about from a friend, and get myself some education!

5 - Let the ECB Mods begin:
  • Drill 3/8'' holes in the charcoal pan...not just a few, maybe 20-25 scattered
  • Purchase 12'' round cooling rack (for cakes) and insert it into charcoal pan also for added airflow
  • Move ECB legs to the outside of the smoking chamber (and currently considering using a cutting wheel to trim edges a little)
  • Buy (3) 12'' pieces of 3/8'' STAINLESS STEEL all-thread (threaded rod) complete with STAINLESS STEEL washers and hex nuts to construct legs for my charcoal pan (legs are mounted through the lip of the charcoal pan
  • ***COMPLETELY OPTIONAL*** but in my normal overboard fashion, I purchase a 6ft piece of braided fiberglass cord/rope just in case I feel like making a better seal around my lid
  • Drill approximately 9 holes in my lid in the general shape of a backwards "L" for smoke ventilation
  • Take pie tin, cut off the walls and fold the flat bottom piece into half, and then half again (that's 1/4, duh) and secure it near the lid vent holes using a stainless steel screw to establish smoke ventilation control
6 - Purchase Jeff's Naked Rib Rub recipe and sauce recipe

7 - Purchase two big bags of all natural lump hardwood charcoal and a bag of hickory chips

8 - Purchase flavor injector with 12oz jar of Creole Butter (for when I do my first whole chicken)

***Side note, I have discovered that Gander Mountain has a pretty nice selection of tools, rubs, sauces, wood chips, etc. for you to choose from, go see for yourself***

9 - UPS delivered my Maverick ET-73 yesterday

Now, with a demanding job that is also a long drive away from home, my smoking is limited to a weekend-only activity.  I have pre-made Jeff's Naked Rib Rub as of last night and dipped my finger in to check it out...IT'S AMAZING!  I could easily see myself putting this stuff on obscure items just because I feel it is that good of a rub.  There is one element to that recipe that Jeff does emphasize that I must fully agree 110% makes a huge difference and if you want to inquire more, send me a personal message so I am not offending Jeff by broadcasting what I feel is the strongest asset to this recipe

Ok, I have taken up enough of your time, I have gotten a lot off my chest, I guess I just work up a little bit proud today and am even more anxious as the weekends approach and the possibilities of what I may smoke come with it!!!

All in all...this modification process has been enjoyable, educational, and hopefully beneficial next time I fire it up!!!

Good luck to all smokers out there and I will hopefully have some pics to share as my journey continues!


PS - Sam Adams Summer Ale is back in season and probably one of the most refreshing, enjoyable beers to put in your hands as these days get hotter and longer, so do the right thing and pick up a six-pack or two, you'll be glad you did! 
LOL!!!  I'm in the same boat buddy. Nothing like reading some posts and enjoying the qview before the day realy begins. Enjoy the ecb. I recently purchased the electric and I'm puling what hair I have left out trying to get it right.
You my friend have a problem.

The first step is admitting that you have a problem.

The next step is to post pictures of your problem.

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