All American Backyard BBQ: Dino Ribs W/ Sides

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Hope y'all made it out of the storm OK. It was a crazy one. We lost power for a couple of days and you'd think a tornado tore through our neighborhood with all of the trees down.
With the exception of losing a LOT of trees, we are fine. I've been all over Central Texas this week and the whole place looks like a war zone. Weird part about the power is that we lost if for a couple hours on Friday only....after the storm was gone and things had cleared up. Go figger....
Oh, and Happy Belated Birthday as well!
Well sir, I'm a couple days late but you were right on time. My birthday was Tuesday....the day you replied :emoji_wink:

BEAUTIFUL, Robert!! Simply beautiful and a gorgeous smoke ring, too...
Thanks so much my friend. The kind words are appreciated.
As good ribs should be prepared in my book...:emoji_wink:
100% in agreement. That's basically true Texas style BBQ, which I embraced about 15 minutes after starting to cook it years ago. We just aren't into sauces and such. I say that however being a self proclaimed gravy junkie :emoji_laughing:

Now that is a great description!
Just calling it as I saw it but glad you like the description.
I sure been missing my corn and that looks good.
Of course the corn is out of season but it's still better than no corn at all. Tracy is a Kansas girl and absolutely loves her corn, in pretty much any capacity.
You can drop the wood off at the river.
That'd be a LONG way to haul it. Bought a chipper to hook onto the PTO shaft of my tractor so we're just gonna go that route and use the mulch in the plant beds around the property.

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