All American Backyard BBQ: Dino Ribs W/ Sides

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tx smoker

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Apr 14, 2013
Lago Vista, Texas
Wow...what a weekend. By sunup on Saturday I had the loader bucket connected on the big tractor, the utility cart hooked to Tracy's tractor, both of them filled with fuel, and all 4 chainsaws as well as the 12' pole saw filled with gas and oil. Let the massive clean-up project commence!! We worked non-stop till about 3:00 when we pretty much fell over. Still a LONG way to go but made good progress. Had take-out pizza for dinner and within about an hour both of us wondered if we had drank the Kool Aid at Jonestown, Guyana :emoji_laughing: Not fun. Yesterday we got a bit later start and while Tracy was at church, I somewhat defrosted a rack of beef chuck short (Dino) ribs, seasoned them up, and got them on the Rec Tec.

The 4-bone rack of ribs, weight was 5 pounds 4 ounces. These things are gonna be monsters.

Seasoned up with my beef rub.

Wow...I'm liking the look of these things. Just beautiful.

Got some fog rolling through the canyon at the back of the property. I'm waiting for Ichabod Crane to come riding up the hill :emoji_laughing:


Ribs onto the Rec Tec with the set point at 275. I'd have preferred to do them on the cabinet smoker but with all the work cutting fallen trees, I knew I wouldn't be able to tend to it so took the easy way out.

About 3 hours in. Starting to get some pull-back but this is one ugly pic!!

A couple ears of corn with the butter and SPOG treatment, then wrapped in foil.

Ribs at 6 hours. Time to put the corn on. Ribs are actually starting like they are supposed to look :emoji_wink: Getting close to being done so turned the smoker down to 240.

I'm thinking these are gonna be pretty good.

Did the Frankenstein job on a can of original Busch's baked beans.

Ribs done and into the house at 8 hours.

Sliced. Moist, meaty, tender, and soft as velvet.

Plated up and out to the patio for dinner. A very simple plate but also a very good plate.

Wow...look how moist these things are.

Nothing special about this....except that we didn't get food poisoning from it :emoji_astonished: Temp was in the mid 70's....go figure. We're eating outside after spending 2 days cleaning up from the huge ice storm. Define irony? I honestly believe the weather is bipolar. These ribs are just totally off the charts. No baste, no mop, and no sauce. Just seasoning, heat, and smoke for the perfect rib. My only issue is that they are so rich it's hard to eat more than one of them....but at over a pound each, one should be plenty. They just taste SOOO good, you wanna keep eating. Not a very pretty presentation but not all of them need to look like 5-star dining. More often than not, good backyard BBQ is exactly what the doctor ordered. After two brutal days of work cleaning up from the ice storm, this was in fact what the doctor ordered. Hats off once again to the Rec Tec also. I don't use it often for a cook like this but it sure was great to have and turned out some fantastic ribs.
I have a feeling that there will always be one of these in the arsenal for situations like this.

Well y'all take care and I'll see everybody soon. Just got a crisis call from the office and I need to write a couple reports for our lead engineer...oh joy.

All you need is simple sides when the protein looks that good. Glad ya'll got some decent weather to start the clean-up.
And its in the 60s here today after being blue a$$ cold last week and into the weekend.
Momma nature needs to up her bipolar meds!
Robert there are several shots of the ribs that are magazine worthy. Hell I think the smoke ring goes to the bone!! Great job and happy birthday
Some gorgeous lookin' dino's there Robert, nice work! What are you going to do after a meal like that Birthday Boy, doesn't get any better than those ribs, my favorite. RAY
Robert , That's a perfect plate . Pellet grills are fantastic when you're busy with other things .
Man do those ribs look fantastic Robert. Nicely done sir

Point for sure
Awesome thread Robert! You always have a great recap on the day, along with your incredible cooks, that I appreciate! Those look incredible and the perfect classic, rich meal to deal with curve balls! Awesome, beautiful, and fun cook!
Those ribs look amazing Robert! Well worth it after a hard days work, and being able to sit on the patio in February must feel good.
Your ribs look fantastic as usual Robert!
Sounds like you and Tracy earned a good meal!
Glad to hear the cleanup process is going well too!
The mark of a true multitasker: knowing which tool to use (and how) for the situation at hand. Excellent looking dinner Robert, all in the middle of a massive cleanup project. I don't know how you do it, but my hat is off to ya!
Nice ribs Robert! Hope your clean up goes well.

Oh man that is a perfect plate Robert! I'm really liking asian spices on the big bone ribs alot recently it seems to tone the richness down..... We have some thin cut verions we are eating this week, man happy thoughts!
Those look amazing Robert! You can never go wrong with beef ribs, and you did those justice (as per the usual on your cooks). Hope y'all made it out of the storm OK. It was a crazy one. We lost power for a couple of days and you'd think a tornado tore through our neighborhood with all of the trees down. We'll be cleaning up for a while. Gotta love TX weather! Oh, and Happy Belated Birthday as well! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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