AC legg snack stick

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more smoke

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May 18, 2013
Well, I've been on this forum for about a year and love smoking meat. My wife won't eat deer unless its pepper stick or summer sausage, so with all your help ( Nepas, bear carver, and others on this forum) I finally gave it a try! I bought AC LEGG reg blend and added powdered milk.. I don't have fermento yet :)......
I can't thank everyone enough for posting such detailed info so I will try the same and hopefully help someone new out..
I used 5lb venison and 1lb pork shoulder .
Then smoked for 2 hrs no smoke at 130 to dry. Then smoked with smoke for another 2 hrs.
7-8 hours total time got them to 155• and letting them bloom for 2 hrs and then into the fridge.
Now the money shot......

This is my first try and am very grateful to you guys for teaching me!!!! You guys rock
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Side note.. I also used Legg Hot seasoning and added 2 tsp cayenne and some red pepper flakes. Not hot enough for me... So I will try Nepas hot stick recipe next time and give a try at ingredients instead of season packs. I still can't believe it actually worked. LoL
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Nice color!

I just tried AC Leggs snack stick seasoning with 2.5 lb habanero hi temp cheese......10 lb pork shoulder......10 lb

80/20 beef and 5 lb of elk. Some the very best summer sausage I have ever tried.

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