A Gift From My Son

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Dec 25, 2010
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My one son spent 15 years in the US Army 82 AA/PIR. After his 5th deployment he had enough and went to culinary school for 3 years, didnt like it so he went for flight training. He is now a flight instructor in FT Collins Colorado.

I been showing him my bread bakes and he is really liking them. Today he sent me a gift. He said enjoy it dad and keep baking bread. I'm totally impressed your baking bread on your grill.
I'm proud of him serving our Country and returning safe. I have 2 more Army kids to worry about.
Im stoked to get this going.

Its a bread and other things foldable proofer. I'm thinking not only bread but fermenting salumi too.

Thanks y'all

I will tell him. He is proud and will say your welcome but i was doing my job.
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That is wonderful Rick. Great gift. And very appreciative of your Sons and their service to our great Country. Thanks for sharing.
Thank you and your children for their service.

Nice gift.
How much does it fold out?

Son is E-5 in the Army Guard.
I will post some pics of it all out.

Where is your son at for the Guard.

Our oldest is a MSG (E8) soon to be at Ft Knox. She may finish out her 30 here.
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The proofing is looking good.
I am electric baseboard heat so the bathroom is my proofing chamber. Wife appreciates a warm toilet seat in the morning and we continue on baking days,
Where is your son at for the Guard.
North Dakota.
His MOS is 12B (Combat Engineer) and 68W (Combat Medic)
Firefighter and EMT on the civilian side
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