Advise Please, A Request My Son Asked About!

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I have always thought crawfish were overrated for the money, taste and/or the hassle of live. Like eating Chesapeake Bay blue crabs, taste great, but too much work. Could stand there all day picking crabs and sucking crawfish and never get full! That's what the potatoes and corn is for...I know, but just sayin'. I would much rather have crab than crawfish though, flavor wise. I love crab legs but hate picking them too. I've bought snow crab legs and pre-picked the meat and found that by weight, I could have bought a pound of lump crab for the same money and save all that work! Slightly different flavor but all good.

I want to do a LCB this year too. Been saying that for years ever since I got my Butterball turkey fryer which will also double as a boiler/steamer. Got to think it through though. Everything is so expensive but thats not the only me cooking everything exactly right is the challenge and I like sausage to be browned, so I would probably throw those in after grilling. Getting the seafood perfect looks like a challenge to me. Last thing you want to do is spend a bunch of money on good seafood and over-steam it. I mean, clams, oysters and mussles are perfect the minute their shell opens while shrimp is very exact on cooking time to be perfect. My guess is a lot of people are eating overcooked seafood with these boils. But its so cool as a presentation, nobody is going to say anything to the chef that prepares it except "excellent"!
We love a LCB too but only use shrimp.
I use the same method as Charles Gonna Smoke Gonna Smoke and the shrimp are NOT overcooked.
My 6 yr old granddaughter loves the mud bugs the often requests a local seafood restaurant that serves them. I need to find their source and add some in here next time!
You've got a good idea Justin and I know Pete( and the rest of the fam) will be pleased!

In the Dallas area, when crawfish are in season, that deliver to you live crawfish. I have tried the frozen crawfish and it did not turn out well, I am not sure if you are able to get live crawfish where you are. Right now the season is almost over and there has been a shortage in LA farms so the prices are quite high right now.
You can do a boil in a large stock pot over a large burner.
There are a bunch of recipes out there on how to do a boil, I can send your ours if you want.

- Jason
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My friend's son did the same a couple summers ago. He ended up using a recipe he found somewhere on the internet.
Now please do not make the same mistake he did, in going full-bore with the cajun spices. There was a large turnout for his meal (PNW crowd, mind you). It might have been just fine for some cajun folk, but even though there were some spicy heat fans there, it was so capsacian-rich that no amount of beer could dowse the heat. The whole thing was nearly inedible for all of us. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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