4th of July!!! Any plans, new toys?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dieseldoberman, Jul 1, 2014.

  1. So 4th of July is a COOKOUT DAY for this family. Anyone have "big smoking" day ahead of them?

    I have 20lbs of pork shoulder and 7 lbs of tri tip for my wife and I guest.

    I also purchased some new toys for the cookout.

    Old inventory


    (Used photos, gave old claws to in laws)

    New inventory


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  2. hickorybutt

    hickorybutt Smoking Fanatic

    Nice gadgets.

    I'll be doing a brisket and two pork shoulders for a family get together of about 15 guests. Starting Thursday at midnight to have things ready by 3:00 on Friday.
  3. frosty

    frosty Master of the Pit

    Probably gonna do some pulled pork, ABTs and other things for a little gathering we are going to.  While the "home boss"   [​IMG]  doesn't like pork normally, she enjoys the pulled pork.  Gotta keep the ladies happy.

    She doesn't like me to use explosives after "the incident" for some reason.  All I can say is the neighbor eventually grew back the eyebrows, so no foul.

    Good luck to all and Happy 4th of July!
  4. Impressive set of new toys!  I've recently come in possession of an AMNTS and plan to try that on the gas grill with some chicken thighs. Did the same recipe on the WSM last weekend, so planning to compare to see if gas + AMNTS can pinch hit for the WSM on occasion.
  5. foamheart

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    Last week I order a MES40 an upgrade for my MES30, but I am most excited about the MES cold smoke generator I ordered with it. Would be nice if it gets here in time for the 4th but not getting my hopes up.

    I have ribs ready for the MES40's first smoke, I won't have to cut or roll them!!! Thinking about trying it old style again instead of the 3 2 1's.

    I am trying to come up with a good thing to sit and think about while the smoke rolls. I have some refreshments already to be sampled after a three month smoothing too!!
  6. merrymanb

    merrymanb Fire Starter

    Just bought a 9 pound chuck roast. Gonna start about 10:00 pm Thursday night to have it done by 5:00 pm Friday. Also, plan to smoke some cashews and maybe some stuffed jalapenos. Anybody got a good recipe for smoke cashews? Something a little spicy?

    I plan to find some pecan pellets for my pellet smoker to do the cashews and ABT's on and pecan logs for the chuck roast on my stick smoker.
  7. Going to do 3 pork butts for the July forth gathering as my contribution.
  8. Sorry but what is AMNTS and WSM, new guy here.

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  9. bworthy

    bworthy Smoke Blower

    I'll be doing a couple racks of spare ribs for a family friendly rib cookoff with my dad and brother in law.
  10. AMNTS = A-Maze-N Tube Smoker  (see the sponsor link at the bottom of the page)

    WSM = Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker
  11. noboundaries

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    My wife wants burgers, hot dogs, and smoked shrimp this weekend. She'll get all that plus I'll probably smoke a chuckie and do some experimenting with the shrimp. I had a cheesy grits and smoked shrimp appetizer recently that I must try to duplicate.

    Going to use my new BBQ Guru to smoke the shrimp at 180 or 200F.
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  12. dandl93

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    Fri the 4th I have some friends coming over a couple Americans that live a few hrs away.Also a Aussie,German and Italian mixed with plenty of Colombians.Plan to watch the WC Colombia vs Brasil.I have bought plenty of fireworks.My plan is to celebrate USA Indep Day and Colombias win at the same time.If Colombia loses we will tone down the fireworks not a great idea over celebrating in the middle of a country with hard core soccer fans.

    I have 4 beef and 4 pork  full loins ready to grill, if the smoker is not done yet and that will take a miracle I still have hope.

  13. Hitching the camper on soon as work is over tomorrow.  First thing Thursday packing up the Mrs, the dogs and my electric Smoke Hollow smoker and we are off to round up the wagons with friends at the river.  My homemade chicken nuggets for my dutch oven, two beautiful Mahi Mahi steaks, and I have finally gotten bold enough to try an 8lb. Prime rib that I hope to slow cook to a perfect Med Rare!!!  Smoking the rib on mesquite, and the Mahi with mostly Pistachio shells!  Will be enjoying some locally brewed suds as well!  Everyone be safe and God Bless!!!!  

  14. welshrarebit

    welshrarebit Master of the Pit

    I'm gonna be in Cali watching my daughter play soccer! No smoking for me..
  15. Not sure if your use to mesquite but it can overpower food real quick, good  luck have a safe 4th
  16. na na

    na na Fire Starter

    Gonna be firing up my new upgraded smoker (see my avatar picks) with 3-5 racks of St Louis cut ribs.  Can't wait.  Later this month I am having an annual cookout at my house. Aprox 50-60 people. On the menu is 7 racks of ribs, pulled pork, whole turkey, chicken wings, and smoked baked beans.  Gotta get used to using the new smoker to make sure I am ready.  What better time than the present. 

    Also have to mention that I have the bear claws that someone posted a pick of above, and they work awesome!  If you don't have them, you need to get them.
  17. Hi Y'all! Thinking about smoking about 6 racks of baby backs for the 4th of July. Anybody have a good recipe for sweet & spicy BBQ sauce?
  18. This is my goto sauce recipe: http://tvwbb.com/showthread.php?13616-No-5-Sauce

    You could easily make it sweet and spicy by adding cayenne to the rub and mixing the sauce with a bit of honey before applying to your ribs.
  19. Thanks! Sounds delicious... I'll give it a try. Thanks again!
  20. the whole hog goes on at 6a.m  plan on eating main dinner around 5 with baked beans ect. , will do some ABT's  and candy pineapple for snacks around 2 .trying to think of something else to smoke for lite appetizer .

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