4th of July and 4th generation pitmaster smoking pork w/pix

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  1. My only granddaughter helping "Papa" cook. Click on the pix for larger view.

    Gettin' the charcoal ready for the "Minion Method".

    Makin' up the rub for the butt.

    Gettin' our rub on

    Ready for smoke

    Plenty of pecan branches all over the ground. Just break 'em up and throw 'em on the coal.

    Everybody wants to help.

    3 hours on the smoke - time for an apple juice bath

    4 hours in, time to wrap in a bed of brown sugar and squeeze butter

    Yeah, I know, that's for ribs, but it works wonders for butts as well!

    6 hours on the nose - 200 degrees and ready to go inside.

    "That's what I'm talkin' about!"

    "It don't get no better than this!"

    "Ah yes, it's been a gooood day."

    Thank you for looking and I hope your holiday was at least half as enjoyable as mine.
  2. bmudd14474

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    Thats awesome. Gotta teach them early.

    Food looks great.
  3. big griz

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    Doesn't get much better than that does it?
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  4. Thanks Brian. Yeah, I try to let her "help" as much as possible so maybe when she is big enough to do something she'll still want to. ;-)

    Big Griz, you sure got that right!  :)
  5. talan64

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    Awesome job "Papa".  Way to recruit help, and good teaching opportunity.

    And looks like a win win....great food, and tired little girl.
  6. For sure! We didn't have to drag her to bed that night!

  7. tc fish bum

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    that's how a proper butt is made!!! that's what its alllll about. thank you for that, im still  all smiles.
  8. c farmer

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    Great little helper and great food.
  9. foamheart

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    That should be why we all do it. And we all deserve a nap after a hard day smoking.

    Great looking butt. Great job to the chef and you too Papa!
  10. boykjo

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  11. You just can't complain about help like that.  Make the memories now cuz time flies.  Great lookin Que  and the best helper.
  12. That's some tasty looking pork!
  13. Hey Mike, Love the pictures, they say it all,  I'm a PaPa to Grand daughter 22, 2 grand sons 17 and a new grandson 10 months

    Good looking pork butt too !!!!

    gary S
  14. noboundaries

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    This is my favorite thread ever. Wow. What a jewel of a day.
  15. What a great way to spend a day. Can't wait until my little girl can help like that!
  16. Thanks so much for the great comments guys.

    I've got 4 grandsons but she's the only granddaughter, plus she lives with us so you can imagine...she's Papa's baby girl!

    We watch a lot of BBQ Pitmasters and when we were getting ready to put the butt on the pit she asked me "Are you gonna cook it hot and fast like Myron?"

    I 'bout fell out!

  17. noboundaries

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    My wife's idea BTW.
  18. Well, I did actually cook it hotter than most do. I cooked at around 275 for most of 4 hours, then wrapped it and put it back  on at 250 for another 2 hours. That gave me an IT of right at 200 degrees. Slightly overcooked for most people but perfect for my old teeth.

    The bone fell out when we moved it from the foil to the pan!

    I wonder what Myron would think about a 5 year old copying his cooking methods? [​IMG]

  19. yotzee

    yotzee Smoking Fanatic

    Now that put a smile on my face! My little girl is just a bit behind your grand daughter, she'll be getting her first lesson soon.

    Thanks for the smile!
  20. You're quite welcome. By all means, get her out there and let her get her hands dirty! I didn't do stuff like this with my girls when they were young - I was too busy trying to make a living so I'm trying to make up for it now.

    Jayda will be 5 on October 1 and she loves BBQ!  As a matter of fact, she's such a picky eater we have to smoke often so she'll eat something besides bread, mayonaise and mustard. She won't touch a piece of meat unless it's cooked on the smoker, then she'll even eat it for breakfast!

    I've got a sauce recipe that's the closest thing I've found to KC Masterpiece and was making up a batch one day. Well, I happened to have a bottle of Hershey's chocolate syrup sitting on the counter and she thought I was putting it in the sauce. She likes the sauce so well, I never told her any different so now she wants BBQ with "chocolate BBQ sauce".

    Yeah, I'm a mean old man!![​IMG]

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