40 julys smoke bologna

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dr k

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Mar 22, 2013
Peoria, IL
Great color!  I have a Bologna that is fatter than these and I'll spiral score it like a hotdog then flip it and spiral score it the other way kinda like yours.  Slather with prepared yellow mustard and hit it with rub.  I have never smoked one of these so I don't know if I should smoke it at 100*F in my Mes electric smoker since it's already cooked.  I could do it like sausages and start at 150*F and increase ten degrees every hour till a crust forms on the outside.  If anyone has ideas, that would be great.


brad rowe

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Jul 2, 2016
I smoked it for 3 hours at 200 they get a lot darker than that. I had only had hem on there for an hour and a half when i took that pic.. I used hickory wood