20# Ham, how to ensure it all gets some yummy smoke flavor?

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Nov 21, 2013
I couldn't resist getting a full ham while they are on sale. I've never smoked something this large, and was wondering if maybe I should cut it in half, or add a lot of deep slices to help the smoke/rub penetrate the meat. Experts, what have you done? I don't know if I'll do a long, colder smoke in the MES, or toss on the charcoal smoker and cook it around 200'ish. I'm open to any and all words from experience, I want this 20#'s of meat to WOW the family this Holiday weekend.
Any words of advice? Should I smoke low and slow in the MES, or toss in the charcoal smoker? I've never cooked up a hunk of meat this large, sure don't want to waste it! I'm leaning towards the MES, so I can control the temps, get good apple juice steaming, and whatever chips work best.
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