1st smoke with peach wood

Discussion in 'Woods for Smoking' started by radsmoke74, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. radsmoke74

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    Just curious if anyone has any advice on what kind of meats go well with peach. I picked a bag of chunks up today and using it with cherry and hickory mixed ( unfortunately I'm out of my favorite, pecan) anywho I got a whole chicken smokin with a whole reds red apple beer on fresh garlic clove a sprig of rosemary some fresh basile and a sweet onion all in a ceramic beer can chicken thingy with the bird rub down with some olive oil and everglades rub! Wow the smell is AMAZING! I was wondering anyone use peach with pork like ribs and or Boston butt?
  2. radsmoke74

    radsmoke74 Fire Starter

    Looking good so far
  3. I did last years thanksgiving turkey on peach and it was excellent! Pork and poultry go well it. Also used it on ribs. Enjoy! 
  4. radsmoke74

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    Thanks I was mainly wondering about like ribs I have my normal mix of woods think ill throw some peach in there and experiment so far I'm liking it a lot!
  5. If you can get ahold of some pear too, pear goes great with ribs
  6. radsmoke74

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    I seen some at the same place I got the peach I will try that for sure thanks!
  7. woodcutter

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    That picture would sell some chicken!!
  8. so ms smoker

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      You never know what you will like till you try it.  Don't be afraid to try a new wood! Most fruit woods are great.

  9. radsmoke74

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    I agree. I am looking forward to the pear wood as well. I must say the wings turned out great!
  10. I've smoked ribs and butts with a mix of peach and oak. Loved them, I also use Peach Porkalicious Sauce.
  11. foamheart

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    I have smoked belly bacon, loin, turkey, and Canadian bacon on peach..... It was tastee! Pecan is also my favorite, probably because it's what most folks use around here. When I left home and ran into a pecan smoked item, it was kind of a reminder. Now I am back, and the bulk is pecan. I have been trying a lot of different smokes, the one that surprized me the most was corn cob. Unbelieveable color and a very mild sweet taste like a fruit. I know, I was surprized too.

    Pork and peach wood go good together as does fowl.
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