mama's ginormous butt (with pics)

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Dec 17, 2019
PembrokePines, FL
mama is the inventory master of the upright freezer. When she says "honey there's only one bag of shredded smoked pork left", I jump into action. An 8lb butt@$.99/lb at henceforth referred to as W/D,
WSM 18.No hunsaker hoo-ha, no temp control gadgets, just B&B charcoal and a little vent control. Water bowl with one gallon. My own homemade rub.
240-ish. butcher wrap at 175 internal, pull and cooler rest at 203. Elapsed time: 14hours.
and then they wait. time to whip up a fresh batch of Carolina vinegar sauce.

bvutt rub.jpg

mid cook.jpg

butt done.jpg
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I like big butts, I cannot lie. And that’s a doozy. Can’t wait for the sauce, sounds delicious.
Looks good John.

Point for sure
Missed this first round.
John, you and have the same sarcastic edge.
Mamma L might test a cast iron skillet against your ear one of these times? Nah, she has a great sense of humor and is pretty protective of you. Hope all is well with both of you.
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