17lb Brisket packer - NO stall ?

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Aug 13, 2014
Montgomery, Texas
Hi all. I've done some 40 briskets in the past year or so and this is the first with NO stall whatsoever and I am at 174 internal.

Will she stall in anyone's opinion? Do I just let her run?  Thanks in advance in everyone's insight and perspective.

Each piece of meat has its own mind. It probably will run on through this time and the next may take forever to fire back up.

Perfect example of why we can't time these critters.
Yeppers ..... kind of what I was thinking.  Or, "she" will stall somewhere around 190 and then go backwards. Ugh.

Must be a cut from a Heffer .....
Well, my worst fears came to fruition and she became even more temperamental at around 194 internal on the probe in the center of the point and 201 internal near the (center) edge of the point and she just sat there for an hour. It was getting dangerously close to game time (with people waiting) so I wrapped her up tight, put her back in for 45 minutes and then let her rest for 15 minutes prior to serving.  I should note that I normally crutch after the stall at around 170 internal - but the traditional stall never happened so I never  foiled.

Anyway, long story short flavor profile was what I expected, minimal smoke ring (not sure why this time - maybe because I used olive oil under the rub instead of veg oil?) ) and her moisture level was on the dry side.  I even inject .... about 12 oz into a 15 lb trimmed brisket.

Final result not my best, but certainly not the worst.  Guess that's what makes this such a great pass time .... never know what to expect!

Thanks for your interest. Comments/thoughts appreciated.
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