Mom’s “Mexican Casserole”

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I have never heard of Cheddar Cheese Soup. Have to look for that, must be a south of the border product.
Because I go nuts over liquid nacho cheese.


OMG... You can bet I will look for the cheese soup as well and make this... YummmmYummm

Wife makes a taco soup which we use Fritos on top...

How long do ya figure it took at 350 degrees ??
The original recipe called for a cheddar cheese soup. That recipe card is over 40 yrs old. Campbells has come out with the Fiesta Cheese soup, its got some peppers and heat to it. Does great for this. The recipe card is the original, the pic of my supplies is what mom has figured out over the years how to tweak it.
This was a huge serving dish and a double batch and it was fresh out of the fridge, so it took about an hour at 350 degrees. Everything was cooked, it was just a matter of getting it good and hot. Usually about 30 mins is all it takes.

Thanks for all the kudos guys. I love cooking and seeing people enjoy my meals.

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Mom turns 76 on Monday. I did a brisket last month for dad’s 76th. Was talking to my brother the day and was discussing what to do for moms b-day. He said she has been talking about her Mexican casserole she used to make all the time, but it had gotten to where she couldn’t do it anymore. I said, no worries i got this…Got her to send me a pic of her 40 yr old recipe card.
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Gathered my supplies….
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And ended up making a double batch since my cousin and his wife (also her birthday) were down visiting. Followed the recipe card and just doubled everything.
View attachment 695488
Ready to go in the oven.
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Out of the oven…
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The innards. oh, that is a aluminum serving pan like the restaraunts use for catering..It’s huge! Almost didn’t fit in the oven.
and a plated shot…
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Yeah, i ate two plates!
@bmudd14474 count this as my pop up submission!

Thanks for looking.
looking good there...Just in time for Fiesta in San Antonio that winds up today.
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No way this wasn't fantastic. Nothing to go wrong in that recipe! You can tell its an old recipe. Women used recipes based on the products available at the time. When is the last time you saw a 16oz can of tomatoes? Shrinkflation really ticks me off. Heck some cans of tuna are 4.5oz now...and even at that you have to really investigate the brands and types because some (I'll never buy Bumble Bee again) really cheat you on the water. I tested a supposed 5oz can of Bumble Bee tuna and it had 2.6oz of actual tuna in it!

I might make a version of this before casserole season is over (I try not to use the oven so much in summer and the portable oven I have isn't very even baking on large pans). I dont really have a Mexican-ish casserole I make regularly, but that reminds me that I have enchiladas on my to-do list...which is kind of like a a way...
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So I went and picked up the ingredients this morning... They didn't have the Fiesta Cheese... But they did have the cheddar cheese soup... That will be later this week...
Please let me know how it turns out for you.

Jim, that looks phenomenal buddy… This is definitely going to be made as it’s right up our alley! Thanks for sharing your recipe and Congrats on the ride… well deserved!

BTW, that plated shot has me drooling…
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