15lb Bone In Pork Shoulder

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  1. I'm definitely new to this and I have read that this size can be a little too big to smoke.  I have been grilling for almost 15 years but have never tried smoking until now.  I have a Weber Smoky Mountain if that helps with suggestions.  Any feedback would be much appreciated since I know this is the place to ask.
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  2. Mike welcome to the group.

    I would cut it in half. then set up your smoker to 225 to 250 deg. you can go higher in temp if you are not using sugar in your rub. /smoke to IT of 200 - 205 for pulled. then wrap in foil wrap with a towel and put it in an ice chest to rest.Happy smoken.

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    Are you going off the Weight on the label and have you opened the package? A 15Lb Shoulder, would have to come off a 250-300LB Hog. Not likely unless you raised that big sucker. If the meat is from Sam's, Costco or Walmart, etc. There are most likely 2ea 8Lb hunks in there which would be the average size. If you run the WSM at 225-250*F figure 2hrs/lb cook time to an IT of 200*F with a rest. 250-275*F will go about 1.5hr/lb. And so on with anything over 300*F taking about 1hr/lb...JJ
  4. I have not opened the package yet so if it is two seperate pieces than that helps.  However, if it's one giant piece I will definitely cut in in half.  Thank you both for the input.  It is very much appreciated!!

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