15 hours already .... 11.75 lbs @ 250

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Jun 25, 2006
Yuma, Arizona
Started this earrrrrrly this am, about 0330. Just hit 170+ at 1900 my time.

Tried a Cachatories butter based injection with a white mustard and garlic rub ....something new.

Got about 2 more hours, eh? A hour or so wrapped and I should be feeding around midnight.

Yum. My sons are killing me, they can't wait.
C'mon over! Thx Cheech. Nice to see a Michigander around ..... was born in Redford, but moved out west long ago as a tot.
I just posted this in another topic but ...

It's 116 and 35% wet here today.

Who's smart now?
I know guys who freeze their elk till now ..... they do the indian thing and hang it on racks in the open air to make "jerky". It's not really jerky , but it's actually good extra dried whatever .... I can't think of the name right now.

Anyways, we may have these 110+ days ( I rememeber a day in '93 at 123!) but we have 250 days under that at 85 or so ...

I still have a closet of gear for that white stuff.... To tell the truth, I have not worn a jacket for 3 years ... a sweater or two, but no jackets.
Looks good Sean, So what time did you finely get to eat? What type of smoker do you have?
Thanks Earl ...
Finally ate 'round 10:30, let it set up for about an hour. It didn't really want to shred though... 18 hours total cook time, took it up to 190+. Ended up chopping most of it ...... not bad but that must have been one old hog!

I have a cheapo char broil off set ... works fine, but doesn't hold temp too well.... I can hold 225/250 okay, but under over that tends to be difficult. Temp bounces all over the place. Still playing with damper/intake combos
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