water pan

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  1. voltronic

    Baby backs: water tray or no?

    Hello, first post here. I'm trying to improve the tenderness and also greatly increase the intensity of smoke flavor in my baby back ribs. Tomorrow, I'm going to try running two 12" pellet tubes at once (in a gas grill), with the Pit Boss Charcoal Blend pellets I just purchased after seeing...
  2. boogerb1

    What are some pros and cons about a RF Fire box design as well as RF water/plate

    Hello from Texas, This my first post so here goe's.and have had some ideas I have been thinking of building an RF smoker for some time now. I have a 94" X 30" Dia. propane tank I have for the build. I have a few thoughts and hope to see what you that have any insight on this matter may have. I...
  3. B

    Using electric smoker with water pan.

    I'm using a brinkman smoke and grill electric smoker. It has a water pan and I'm using a chip box. Do I need to still foil my pork butt when it gets to 160? Or will the water pan keep it moist?
  4. SmokinAl


    I just thought I would share what I have done to my Lang 36 Patio to get even temps across the entire cooking chamber, including not having the top rack running hotter than the bottom. I simply put a bread pan full of water next to the fire box, & extended the stack down into the cc about 6...
  5. R

    Newbie here

    Hey, everyone. My name’s Rich. I am in the middle of refurbishing an old gas Coleman Cookin’ Machine I bought from an estate sale a while back. Anyone else here have experience with these old things? It’s equipped to use lava rock on a grate above the burner, and a water pan on a grate above...
  6. C

    Rookie water pan confusion

    In a couple of weekends, the Brinkmann Smoke n Grill (ECB) should be modded and ready for it's first real cook. We'll probably do chicken and/or turkey breast over some apple chunks. What I can't figure out from reading and searching is what to put in the water pan. I've seen everything from...
  7. T

    Brisket stalled at 145 for 12 hours

    I am a bit new to smoking, have done a few smokes and still struggling with timing. Started a 4 lb brisket last night around 11:PM, was cold out of the fridge and I dry brined it for 30 min, applied some molasses and rub and popped in my GMG daniel boone at 150 for about a 30-60 min before...