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  1. S

    Smoking Pork Shoulder

    Franklin, First I enjoy your show. Your inspiration helped me decide to tackle a big chunk of pork. In Denver we have a few technical problems we had to overcome. Roasting a roast in a charcoal grill is fraught with things which could go wrong. Cooking at 5280 feet above sea level will...
  2. L

    Smoked Uncured Ham?

    Hi all, I am new to the site and probably a novice at best when it comes to smoking. I have done chicken, ribs, pork butt, and roasts before in a smoker but never ham. I wanted to try a ham for thanksgiving breakfast, as it is tradition to have ham, eggs, and mimosas as we wait for the turkey to...
  3. C

    Multiple Turkeys

    Hi All! This is my first post. I have been on the Traeger train for a couple of years and just addd a Kamado Joe to the backyard. I have a question for the Traeger/Pellet experts. I want to smoke two turkeys at the same time for Thanksgiving. I'm in Utah and it will be about 35 degrees...
  4. K

    Smoked Maple Barbecue Turkey

    I am going to make this this coming Sunday, and was wondering if there was any good injections like a garlic butter or something that might be good, or is this recipe good enough that it does not need an injection? Full recipe can be found on this site at ...
  5. smittybbq

    Deep fried or Smoked Turkey?

    I'm just curious which one everyone thinks is better? I have heard both are better so I don't really know. I personally have never had either one. I planned on smoking one for Thanksgiving this year. It will be my first time so any tips will help. I know chicken takes smoke really well. Is it...