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  1. SmokinAl

    45 Day dry aged Ribeye FROZEN

    Yesterday afternoon, Judy & I decided that we were hungry for a nice steak. I looked at our freezer list & found a 45 day dry aged ribeye. We heated up a CI pan on the stove with some bacon grease. Dusted the meat with S&P, and then right into the hot pan, still frozen solid! We kept...
  2. MJB05615

    Thick NY Strips Over Wood First Try

    I read @chopsaw 's older post about cooking Steak over just wood burned down to coals, and had to try. This ended up being one of the best Steaks I've ever had. Here's 2 thick Strips from Widlfork foods, seasoned up with @tx smoker's beef Rub he posted a few months ago and is now my go to for...
  3. D

    Smoked Ribeye Roast Temperature Difficulties

    Today i’m smoking an 8lb ribeye roast. I’m smoking it at 275-300 on a Weber Kettle. I assumed it would take around 4 hours but I’m at around 2.5 hours and it’s only at 72 degrees. At this rate it’ll take another 3 hours. Does anyone know why this is occurring and how to fix it? I was planning on...
  4. J

    Bought a steak, what is this?

    Hi all, I purchased a steak from a butchershop. It has some sort of greyish/white on there that doesn't seem like oxidation. Any ideas of this is safe to consume? Thanks!
  5. disco

    Birthday Steak Dinner

    It happens once a year. I don’t care for them anymore but there is nothing you can do about them. It is my birthday. The upside is I feel like I can make anything I want to eat. On this birthday, I felt like steak. I also felt like experimenting a bit. I have reverse seared steaks before but...
  6. tag0401

    Steak Tacos on the Blackstone

    Wanted to share a recipe for steak tacos. I cook these on my Blackstone but they can be cooked any way you like. Try these out you won’t regret it!! 3 flat iron Steaks 8 in tortilla shells Queso cheese Marinade: 2 limes zest and juice 1/2cup olive oil 1/2cup brown sugar 6cloves or 1.5 tsp...
  7. Therealtrome

    Reverse sear tri-tip on the Traeger and Weber kettle

    First tri-tip on the T! Came out amazing... Took about 2 hours at 225 with Traeger signature pellets. Let it rest for 10 or 15 minutes while the jumbo lump was getting red hot on the Weber kettle. Reverse seared for five minutes of side then let rest for another 10 or 15 minutes and came out...
  8. hunter rose

    Prime NY Strips Sous Vide

    Our Costco still doesn't have toilet paper, but Prime NY Strips at 25% less than normal? Sure. Sous Vide to perfect medium rare for 2 hours, shocked in ice and finished on the smoker at 500 w/ Grill Grates.
  9. WisconsinCampChef

    Good Friday Dinner

    Hi All, I havent posted in a while. We have been busy at work with COVID19 and trying to stay healthy. Hopefully everyone is doing the same, and using this extra time at home to grill and smoke! Last night was Good Friday and at we decided sea food was in order. We also had one sinner (me)...
  10. jmardock

    Steaks on Salt Block

    Yesterday I decided to grill the last 2 steaks I had left in my freezer from a bulk order I received several months ago. One was a petite filet. I think the other was a sirloin. I let it sit in my pellet smoker for about 45 minutes at 200. Then I transferred it to my gas grill on a salt block...
  11. Frozen Smoked Tomahawk Steak

    Frozen Smoked Tomahawk Steak

    Frozen Smoked Tomahawk Steak
  12. disco

    Traeger Reverse Sear Steak

    It was my birthday. I had bought a prime grill trimmed rib steak. I could just fire up my Weber Genesis grill but I decided to see how my new Traeger Timberline smoker did on a reverse sear. For those of you who don’t know what a reverse sear is, you smoke a steak at low temperature and then...
  13. smokinjim1

    Flat Iron Steak

    I smoked my 2nd flat iron steak yesterday. The one I did before I used Jeffs Texas rub. This time I used the Texas rub minus cayenne (I was out), and I made a marinade by adding 1/2 cup of Dales low sodium steak seasoning and just a touch of olive oil. I haven't been on here in a while, so...
  14. Rmartinez2

    Thick Cut Ribeyes. Smoked and Seared.

    Hey everyone It's been a while since I post but I've definitely been putting in some cooks. Today I was at the store and saw some ribeye roasts in the case so I grabbed a good piece with 2 bones. I messed up and didn't take a pic of it before I cut it into some thick steaks. However I did grab...
  15. seanysmokes

    Smoked & Seared Cilantro-Lime London Broil

    Havent posted in awhile so here is one from tonight steak tacos! Basically did a reverse-sear by smoking until the IT hit 120 then pulled it and seared on a hot grill for 2 minutes each side. The result was incredibly tender and flavorful meat from an otherwise sub-par piece of defrosted...
  16. Daz

    Half Moon Searing Tray for Akorn Kamado

    Hi all, just had it made yesterday and it fits like a glove on the Akorn 22" kamado. waterjet stainless steel. Cooked some Ahi belly and it worked like a champ. It sits on top of two lips and holds plenty of coal. It's about 3.5" from the bottom of the tray to the lower side of the grate. I may...
  17. Preacher Man

    Trying Out Grass Fed Beef - Reverse Sear Steak

    I've never had grass fed beef, but I keep hearing a lot about it. Found a nice, thick strip steak on sale so I decided to educate myself. Seasoned it with just salt n pepper. Smoked it at 210° with mesquite pellets in the MES 30 until the IT was 120°. Seared it on each side, hoping to...
  18. atomicsmoke

    45 days dry aged steak sous vide

    My first sous vide steak attempt SV temp fluctuated between 129-133. Seasoned with Montreal steak spice, then quickly grilled.
  19. Z

    What steak cut is this?

    Somone got this in my house. I know it’s blue rare or rare. Can you identify exactly the cut and anatomy of the beef? What’s the best way to season and cook this piece of meat?
  20. mark in the pit

    Crowd Cow Flat Iron Steak

    Crowd Cow Flat Iron Steak Ingredients: Flat Iron Steak Oil Salt Pepper Brown Sugar Spicy Chipotle Powder Method: Very quick and easy. Get your grill good and hot just like you would for a ribeye or new york strip steak. Than just rub with oil to prevent sticking to the grill. Next rub all...
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