spare ribs

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  1. thirdeye

    Spare Ribs & Hobo Potatoes

    The day before our big snow storm hit I decided to barbecue some ribs, and for a side I made some hobo potatoes, (aka Boy Scout potatoes, or campfire potatoes) which are a mix of potatoes, onions, garlic, butter and about anything else, and cooked in a foil pouch. Starting off on the kettle at...
  2. Daba's BBQ

    Pulled the trigger and picked up a Weber Smokey Mountain (18")

    Good afternoon all. I just picked up a WSM 18". Woo-Hoo! I am already defrosting some gorgeous St Louis ribs that will be my very first cook on my new toy. I never cooked on a WSM before, but have been watching some videos to get some pointers on what to do. Any tips that anyone can give me...
  3. Daba's BBQ

    July 4th Spare Ribs - Two Different Methods, Side-by-Side

    July 4th BBQ Cook Two different cook methods for these spare ribs. One has my rub. The other is one I bought from Mad Hunky. That rack (bottom one) was also slathered with a little bit of yellow mustard; never slathered anything before. Wish me luck! These should take 4 1/2-5 hours to finish...
  4. MJB05615

    Just a Simple Rack of Ribs

    Hello all, been busy and haven't posted in a while. Did a simple rack of Spare Ribs. They came out very well. I've been doing a few things a little differently lately. Cooking at higher temps for less time. This happened accidentally one day when I was running late and had to have them done...

    Pit Barrel Cooker Thoughts......

    After watching many YouTube videos using the PBC ive already been improvising some the suggested techniques on how to smoke Spare Ribs. Many of the videos and my 3 cooks as a rookie have created results where the ribs are just too dang dark on the bark and while tender enough, a tad bit over...
  6. thirdeye

    Memphis Style Pork Belly Ribs

    Here is my take on Memphis "dry" ribs, one of my favorites because the flavor of the rub and the meat stand on it's own. It's not that I don't like sauce it's just that I think sauce has its place, like served at the table.... unless some one wants a KC style rib with a sweeter glazed sauce...
  7. racp78

    Spare VS Baby Back Cook Times

    I smoked one rack each tonight of Spare and Baby Back. I smoked the spares for 6 hours and smoked the baby backs for 5 hours. 225 degrees the whole time. My spares has nice pull back and we’re perfect. However, the baby backs didn’t really have much pull back and seemed like they could have...
  8. loosechangedru

    Rib rack run

    Haven't posted in a bit, but I'm still a-smokin'. Bought a rib rack on impulse, so in it went with some 3-2-1 spares! And a rack for my accountant, 'cause what an awful thing to have to do for a living... Thanks for lookin'!
  9. Rmartinez2

    Whole Spare ribs

    Hey friends! Tonight i picked up some hickory pellets and decided i wanted to do some pork ribs. I found some decent spare ribs and i was about to start trimming them down and remove the breast plate and all that... i said why dont i do this old school and leave it all on. now my question here...
  10. loosechangedru

    Pulled Beef and Pork, and Ribs for the family

    My family (7 adults and 2 kids) is going to Blue Ridge for an extended weekend, and we've divided meal duties amongst different family members. As fun as it would be to run my 18.5 WSM at our cabin rental, I don't think it would outweigh the pain of traveling with it in a Prius. I decided to...
  11. CSR

    Spare Rib Saturday

    Had a couple racks of spare ribs that I bought on a sale a while back for $1.49/lb. Have a home project I'll be working on this afternoon so I figured why not get something on early this morning and have it for a mid afternoon meal. Trimmed the ends and the flap, but left the tips on the rack...
  12. N

    New user and first post. beef Short ribs and spare ribs

    hey everyone. New around here and just want to introduce myself and show you my cook from yesterday. Did short ribs 3-2-1 over apple wood. Salt and pepper only. As well as no foil spare ribs. Normally do 3-2-1 but changing it up Smoked between 225-250 for around 6 hours total.
  13. BBQrookie71

    Rib tips advice?

    Hey guys! I've been reading a lot on here the past few months and figured it was time to join to learn more, and hopefully one day contribute. I'm doing my second smoke ever this weekend my new Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn Combo (already eyeing up full horizontal offsets on Craigslist, don't tell...
  14. SmokinAl


    I have been dying to smoke some ribs on the Lang. This is my second time using it. I went to the store a few days ago & was looking for BB's, but they didn't have any that looked to good. I found a rack of ST. L's and they looked pretty good, so I bought them. I injected them with some Creole...